April 10, 2018: The Net

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The Cubs finally got their Opening Day at Wrigley started; it did not end well.  The Pirates, one of the hottest teams in the majors, ruined the day delayed festivities.  Sometimes stuff just breaks like that.. meaning, you may get lucky and play a good team having a tough time, or you may get unlucky and play a bad team having a good streak.  I think that was true both ways as the Cubs hosted the Pirates.

The Pirates, who dumped Cole and McCutcheon, leading the NL Central at this early date is something that nobody predicted.  I don’t expect it to last.  The Cubs hovering around 500 early isn’t the end of the world, but you certainly would like to see them settling into the season sooner than later.  But remember, I won’t be worrying until about the 40 game mark; still have ways to go.

I do worry when I sit close to the field.  That doesn’t happen too often; our seats are usually nowhere near the field.  But like in Cincinnati, when I had the best seats I ever had right next to the dugout, I worried.  I worried about a line drive foul ball screamer.  Not worried about paying attention; I’m usually doing that.  But the speed at which the ball will sneak up on you, and the reaction time required, may be a tragic recipe.  And then with my son… if he was playing around, and was between the ball and me… Yeah, that’s pretty dangerous.  I was glad to see the net extended in the Great American Ball Park.  It should be a requirement to extend the nets to the end of the dugout.

I was happy to see they did the same in Wrigley.  I still don’t quite understand why all teams don’t do it.  Don’t give me that it costs too much, and don’t give me that it will ruin the view; it really doesn’t.  You can’t even tell honestly.  But the obvious plus here outweighs both of those reasons and/or anything else you may think of; the safety of folks at the game, especially kids, should be number one.

I can’t believe that back in the day there was no net; there was no net in hockey either!  Nets were put in place in both sports, but at least for baseball, the coverage wasn’t adequate.  Extending the net is a no brainer; there should be no exceptions.

I’d like to think that I would catch a foul ball hit right at me, or at the very least a pop up in the vicinity.  But if I didn’t, the risk would still exist, even if we were sitting in the outfield… although the reaction time should be much better there.  I guess it would help to bring our gloves to the game; we did last year… Although I had forgot it on our road trip, I could see us bringing the mitts to the game for a while.  Would be nice if one of the guys flipped one to my son, and he caught it in his glove.

Make it happen Manfred.  Make it mandatory; maybe it is?  Haha…  Protect the fans above all.  Still surprised more people don’t get hurt, but there can definitely be more things done to ramp it up.  Glad the Cubs did it; now only if they could win one at home.

  1. MK

    Cubs home opener was delayed a day, but it did not end up the way we wanted. The bucs got the best of our Cubbies in still crappy weather. Extending the net is the only common sense thing to do. Balls come flying into the stands like lasers sometimes. It does not matter if you are paying attention or not. Yes, paying attention would help your chances, but with so many people standing or reaching for that ball, a slight ricochet is all it would take. Fan safety is and should be number 1 priority. Seems like a no brainer to me, especially when accidents seem to happen every year. Kudos to the Cubs for getting it done. Hopefully, all other teams follow suit. Now, get that 1st W at Wrigley…GO CUBS GO!!!

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