April 16, 2018: Playoff Action

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The NBA & NHL playoffs have only started.  With our teams being absent, in the past, I haven’t even tuned in at all, especially not this early.  Not sure what’s going on this year, but I’ve been trying to watch as much as I can so far.

Of course, I always have one eye on the teams that I hate.  The Penguins won to take a 2-1 series lead.  Meanwhile, the team I hate the most led by the player I hate the most began their series against the Pacers on Sunday.  My wife was surprised that the Pacers were even in the playoffs.  But if you look at their regular season records, the Pacers are only 2 games worse than the Cavs…

I saw the score early; wasn’t that excited yet.  Nice halftime lead?  OK, not bad.  Double digit lead late in the 4th quarter… now I started watching on my phone.  LeClank and his cronies got beat on their home court.  Haha… as the game ended, I even turned on ESPN; I can’t remember the last time I’ve watched ESPN.  Who are these guys hosting?  And which one of the posse of LeBron nut huggers would be on there to make excuses for him?

I didn’t watch long enough to see any of the post game interviews, but I did see some clips later.  The Queen is something else.  Yes, he got a triple double, and honestly, in his mind, that clears him of any blame for this loss.  “I did my part.  I can’t help it nobody else did theirs”.. and he’s not afraid to infer that… throwing folks under the bus at will.  After one question, he said… really… this is the first time I lost a game in the first round…  what a joke this dude is?  You know damn well he knew that, and wanted everybody else to be impressed by that by mentioning it…  You know he’s fed this and any other tidbit of information to his cronies so that they can try to pump him up as much as possible.  I can’t stand that dude; I can’t understand why more people don’t see how this dude is.  Grabbing his face after a phantom foul on Stephenson… that’s nothing new for sure.

Anyways, I’m not going to get too excited… I was there when the Bulls kicked the crap out of them in Game 1 and then lost 4 straight.  I just can’t help but hope this is different… and think that maybe LeBum wouldn’t mind it… making an easy excuse for him to leave Cleveland again… ha!

Sucked to see the Timberwolves lose… happy to see Bread Man and Columbus win again.  Another team that I may be changing my mind about is Las Vegas.  I said I wouldn’t want a first year franchise to win it, but… these guys play hard as hell.  Yeah, everybody does in the playoffs, but.. this team is different.  They are made up of a bunch of journey men.  Guys whose teams gave them up… guys who play with a chip on their shoulder… plus their coach seems pretty cool too.  I definitely want them to beat the Kings; I may be rooting for them as we go along here too.

As the clock strikes midnight, the Knights Kings game is tied at 1 with about 7 minutes to play.  I think I’ll finish the weekend out by watching this until it ends.  After all, after tonight, it’s back to my day job for another crazy week.  It feels good to be caught up… who knows when the next entry will be… haha.  Go Pacers!

  1. MK

    Well, well, well. A game 1 loss for the cavs is just what the doctor ordered, but ultimately, I want an early playoff exit. Will it happen? Probably not, but I can dream. If the pacers could do it, I would be on their band wagon for sure! If it happens, lebum will have excuses galore. He already throws his team and guys under the bus whenever he can. Can’t wait for him to leave cleveland again…what then lebum jock riders? Ne!ed an entire 5 of all-stars to win another title? Hot gaaabage is what this guy speaks and is, regardless of his talent. Hope he never wins another so the disgusting comparisons can stop once and for all.
    See, the knights are growing on you. How can you not like a “team” of guys with not 1 super star on their team…can’t even think of any of their guys names right now…hahaha. They just play together and get the job done. Have to like that!
    As the nhl and nba playoffs roll on, it would be nice to see some upsets. Indiana Pacer love! HAHAHA…for 1 game at least!

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