April 7, 2018: Half Dozen

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The day was finally here.  We were….my wife was planning for this day….stressing about this day for a long time.  It was the first official event at our new home.  Our son’s 6th birthday party was the occasion.  Party on!

The weather didn’t really cooperate, although at least it was sunny outside.  40 degrees though?  Actually, don’t think it made it quite that high.  We still had the bouncy house; hopefully no kids get sick.  Kids love that thing.  Jumping around for hours; the best entertainment option came through again.

Of course we had to have backup options.  Karaoke and a basketball hoop shot in the basement provided the rest of the fun for the kids.  We had thought of some other games but no need.  I did break out the hokey sticks for a quick game in the gangway for the older kids.  And then of course no party for my son would be complete without a  special guest visit.  Dad as a clown, a snake, the ninja turtles, and darth Vader have been the special guests over the years.  Only his 2nd birthday party had no guests…but this year would.  We got the call, and the kids gathered in front to see a van driving with Spider-Man on top.  It was pretty cool.  My son loved it.  One of his cousins said he was a big fan of Spider-Man.   Haha.  He hung out for a minute and took some pictures before departing.  It was good.

Then the food of course.  We can’t come up short there.  My wife put out some orange chicken and potstickers for appetizers for this ninja themed event.  There was some fruit and veggies too, but why fill up on healthy stuff?  The good stuff was yet to come as the pizzas rolled in.  Then for dessert, we did a little something different.   Instead of a cake, we got some donuts.  A half dozen for his half dozen…  Heck no, we needed more than that.  3 dozen donuts and 2 dozen donut holes were the birthday cake.  They were from a bakery too, so you know they were damn good.  Everyone agreed that pizza and donuts were the perfect combo for a pig out feast; two of my personal weaknesses.

After all the gift opening, including cards that my son read pretty well, and thank yous all around, the party slowly died down.  It was a smashing success.  My wife had did it.

Of course the Cubs game was on the entire time in the background.  As I delivered some left over pizza and donuts to our neighbor, the Cubs were down.  By the time I got back, they were up.  It was a nice late inning win to give us the series lead.  That was just the icing on the cake of a great day.

Yeah, and you wonder why I keep falling behind.  Wife’s birthday, our anniversary, my son’s birthday all in 3 weeks.  We can breathe now, and just in time to get buried in my day job.   But we keep pushing on… talking Chicago sports.  Well today really wasn’t, but I need to catch up, plus maybe one day many years from now, my son will read this and smile.  Yeah, it’s all worth it.

  1. MK

    Pretty crazy…6 years old! Time sure does fly. The party was great. Food was good. Donut holes were delicious. Fun was had by all. Can’t beat a bouncy house for a bunch of kids…nice and easy fun. Falling behind with so much going on is normal. Catch up time works, and there is always something to talk about.

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