April 9, 2018: PPD

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Opening Day at Wrigley finally rolled around.  Waiting this long to schedule the first game in Wrigley was a smart idea.  It should be something that all Midwest & Northeast teams without a dome should do.  The further you push it, the better chance you have of getting some decent weather.  Well, it was a good concept…

As we got going on Monday morning, there was snow covering the cars; the snow continued all morning, right up until the Cubs decided to call off the game.  PPD for Opening Day; that sucks.

The Sox were playing at the same time on the other side of town.  They proceeded with their game, and I got to hear from Sox fans how they’re tough and the Cubs aren’t.  I don’t buy that for a second, but I would have been disappointed as hell had I decided that THIS was the 1st Opening Day game at Wrigley I would attend.  Everyone who had to take off work… everyone who travelled into the city… then to have to do it again the next day.  Maybe no problem for some people, but for others… plans ruined.

I’m relating to this a bit more due to the game that I was supposed to attend 5 hours away in Cincinnati that was postponed.  We were there when the gates opened.  We saw the first storm roll through.  After that, we went down to our seats, wiped them off, and got comfy.  No rain, but, the forecast called for more rain coming soon, so no need to start the game to stop it in 30 minutes.  I get that, and, they were right.  Just before the time tabbed for the next update, the skies opened up again.  The rain continued for about 20 minutes until the game was officially PPD.  Disappointed would be a good word.

More disappointing was the fact that the rain stopped soon after the game was PPD, and it never picked up again.  So, in actuality, the game could have been played.  Who makes the call to cancel the game?

Hopefully there are good intentions behind that decision; I’m sure the decision isn’t an easy one most times.  In the 2 cases this year so far, both games could have been played.  In the case in Cincinnati, we drove home without seeing the Cubs play.  Now we have to make the decision to sell the tickets, or make the trek back to Cincy on the Saturday it was rescheduled to in May… then turn around and come back the next day.  In the case of Opening Day, there was a handful of Cubs fans that made it down to watch the Sox play… I think they outnumbered the total Sox fans there that day…

How do we get around this issue?  I don’t think there is a good answer.  With the weather forecasts being more and more accurate, the earlier the game is called the better for everyone.  But, there are still those times where the weather man is wrong… like the one game a year or two ago that the Cubs called early, but the rain never came…  the game against the Brewers where they were talking crap.  It’s a tough spot to be in no doubt.  I’ll have to think a little bit more about this; the solution is PPD for now.

  1. MK

    10 straight road games to open the season before the home opener at Wrigley. The Cubs were the last team in the league to have their home opener, and of course, it gets postponed due to snow…snow? Yep, snow in April…crazy. Yes, I heard all about how the sox played…blah blah blah. Who cares…non-story except for those that want to make a big deal about it…like it has any bearing on who’s tougher or better…non-sense. Bottom line, it sucked to wait one more day to see the Cubs back at Wrigley. Weather is unpredictable, no matter how many think they know what is coming when. Sometimes, weather people are right. Flip a coin. Oh well, home opener the next day now. Winning at Wrigley is going to be important. Start making it a good habit Cubbies!
    GO CUBS GO!!!

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