November 30, 2017: Double Barrel

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I love that double barrel action; Blackhawks, Bulls, Blackhawks, Bulls… it was nice to watch the end of both games.  It sucked to see both of them lose. Feels good to finally be caught up; it hasn’t been easy.  I … Continued

November 29, 2017: Watching the Replay

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Have you ever watched the replay of a Blackhawks game the following day?  I can’t really remember if I have; don’t really do that period across the board.  However, there I was, Tuesday afternoon, sitting there watching the replay of the … Continued

November 25, 2017: Another Best

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With the Bulls facing the best in the NBA on Friday night, it was the Blackhawks facing the NHL’s best on Saturday.  I would not have guessed that it would be the Tampa Bay Lightning.  It was a very good … Continued

November 19, 2017: Owning Them

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I was very happy to get to watch most of the Blackhawks game Saturday night at the Penguins.  Remembering the season opener, and the beat down we put on them, I figured that the Penguins would be out for blood.  … Continued

November 9, 2017: Just Average?

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Say it ain’t so.  I just know… I know, know, know, that the Blackhawks are NOT just average, right? After the loss on Thursday night, the Hawks are 500.  At 7-7-2, they are just that, average, through the first almost … Continued

October 8, 2017: Ice Men

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No Cubs playoff game.  No Bears game.  On a Sunday with only other NFL action to talk about, I choose to talk about the Blackhawks.  Hopefully I won’t be talking much about them…yet…that would mean the Cubs are out, and … Continued