April 17, 2018: A Solution

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I’ve got it.  I’ve got a 3 tiered plan to solve baseball’s “problem”.  All these PPD games in April really sucks. Now first of all, I don’t think baseball has a problem.  I love the 162 game grind, and some … Continued

March 30, 2018: Opening Memories

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This year’s Opening Day will be one to remember for the Cubbies, with the first pitch HR and all.  On the other side of town, there was a pretty memorable Opening Day performance too. Matt Davidson hit 3 long balls … Continued

March 29, 2018: It Began

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Hey, what’s up.  Where have you been?  Where were you for Opening Day? I was at work.  Yeah, I was going to work from home so that I could catch the Cubs opener at 11:30am on Thursday.  I even had … Continued

March 28, 2018: Cubs Sox Guess

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I saw a question somewhere… maybe on Twitter.  it went like this:  What is more likely?  The Cubs winning the World Series or the Sox finishing above 500. Picking any team to win the World Series is a risky proposition.  … Continued

March 27, 2018: Baseball Preview

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I’ve started to see everyone’s picks for the wild card, division, league, and championship series, better known as the World Series.  So I figured I might as well throw my hat in the ring, and give my picks in my … Continued

February 25, 2018: Spring Nears

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As Spring nears every year, that means one thing:  the return of baseball.  Yet no matter the year, Spring Training, which has already begun, does not get me over the top excited.  Here’s my annual article talking about how I … Continued