December 1, 2017: Week 13 49ers at Bears

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After three straight losses, the hopes for this year, as little as they may have been, are gone.  It’s time to get like the Bulls and zero in on that top draft pick.  No, no, sorry, I can’t push for that.

Don’t get me wrong.  Losing is a bit easier to take keeping in mind this silver lining.   It still sucks though.  It would still be nice to get a win, especially against a team we should beat.  The Bears are favorites again.  It started off at 5.5, but has settled in at 3.  Not a lot of faith in our Bears out there; I don’t blame them.

I’d like to look back at this game and say, remember when Trubisky first faced Garoppolo.  I’d like to think that we are going to see these young guys at the helm of their respective teams for years to come, meeting multiple times both in the regular season and postseason.  There were some that thought Jimmy not Mitch would be leading our boys.

I thought it was a real possibility.  He’s a local boy.  He attended the same college as both Ryan Pace and Tony Romo; I thought Romo could have made an appearance here too.  The question was, how much is he worth.  I didn’t like the idea of giving up our first round pick for him; I was certainly OK with giving up our second round pick for him.  That’s what he eventually went for; would that price have been enough then?

We’ll never know.  We do know the price Pace paid for Trubisky was steep.  I’m feeling a whole lot better about that after seeing Mitchell play; I think we did good.  At this moment, I’m completely fine riding Trubisky from here on out; will he be able to carry us?

He couldn’t so far this year.  He’s made a lot of good plays, putting us in position to win; that’s positive.  He’s a rookie; we need to remember.  He’ll get better; he’ll have more help.  Hopefully next year.

But back to what will most likely be a half empty Soldier Field this Sunday.  Even the beautiful weather will probably not help.  It’s two of the worst teams in the NFL.  I may even be headed to the movies instead of watching my Bears.  I should smack myself.  No, somebody needs to smack the Bears back into relevance.

Final Score Prediction:  Bears 24 49ers 21

Ace in the Hole:  Jordan Howard 150 yds & 2 TDs

Yesh, I’m picking them to win…again.  I’d like to think the Bears will string a few together to end the season on a high note.  I’d like to think that would matter; that maybe it would roll to next year, giving us some momentum.  But I think I’m probably wrong again, and with a couple more losses, the Bears real goal this year can be achieved.  Bear Down!

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  1. Mo

    Both of these offenses stink and the 49ers are going to be watching the Bears 1-2 RB punch. This should be a field day for the Bears QB.

    Bears 21 49ers 6
    MVP: Turbisky 252 yards 2 TDs and 23 rushing yards
    Bears WR/TE (insert name here) 11 REC 97 yards and 1TDs
    J Howard 85 yards rushing 1 TD
    Bears D will score a TD

    Bear down!

  2. MK

    Here I sit, after the fact, again. Going into Sunday, there is no way I thought that the Bears would lose…know better now. I had the Bears winning 31-13 in blowout fashion. Not sure what made me think that, but I was confident that the Bears would win at the very least. I guess getting a top draft pick is more important than winning a few meaningless games the rest of the way out. I mean, the Bears play cleveland at home later this month…will they still be winless? Will the Bears lose to them, too? JEEZ, how depressing has it become to watch the Bears? More to come on the results, but let’s just say it was GOULD for one team…BEARS DOWN!!!

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