February 28, 2018: Dead Weight

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Josh Sitton, Jerrell Freeman, Pernell McPhee, Quentin Demps, Willie Young, and Mike Glennon.  The Bears have shed a lot of dead weight in the past couple days…

What do you most remember about these guys… without looking it up.  I’ll go first.

Josh Sitton was a guy we got from the Packers; that should have been the first red flag.  If the Packers, who in general have a good eye for talent, are letting someone walk, then they must know something.  Not saying they’re perfect, because I hate them and they suck, but… I don’t want any Packer rejects… point blank.  The guy did a decent job on the OL.  He wasn’t horrible and he wasn’t great, but he was serviceable… and making a lot of money.  Could we always use OL depth?  Yes.  Should we be paying a ton of money for this?  Bye Josh.

Jerrell Freeman had flashes, but like Josh, I never was a big fan from jump.  The reason for this is not really his fault.  Yes, since he came aboard, and got 2 separate suspensions… if you get one, maybe we’ll buy your story of not knowing, but two???  You’re an idiot and a cheater.  That definitely doesn’t fit going forward.  But I could have told you we had a problem from day 1; why is #50 not retired by the Bears?  Seeing him run around with that number just bothered me… sorry.  Do NOT let someone else wear that number.

Pernell McPhee talked a lot of crap; I certainly didn’t mind when he directed that towards the opponent, like Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.  I do remember some of that being directed at guys on the same team; I can’t remember who the heck he was yelling at… oh, maybe Cutler?  Oh, then I’m OK with that… haha.  Here’s another guy who wasn’t horrible in general, but… for the amount of money he was being paid, and the amount of time he missed due to injuries, which limited his results on the field, I have no problem with him hitting the bricks too.

Quentin Demps…. who?  Haha… but seriously, who?  I know he played well with the Ravens before he came here, and I know he was brought here to be that veteran influence in the secondary.  I know I didn’t watch every single minute of every single game, but I don’t recall hearing his name much.  Maybe he did help the guys, but didn’t do much on the field.  These guys are a dime a dozen; I’m sure we can pick somebody else up to fill this role if we feel it’s necessary.  He wasn’t even here long enough to miss…

Willie Young is a fisherman by trade.  Well, that was his sack dance, and that’s what I remember the most.  I thought for a second he was the guy who got hurt celebrating a meaningless sack, but that was Lamar Houston… the other veteran DE that we brought in.  Out of all the guys I’m labeling as dead weight, Willie may have contributed the most.  Another guy with some injury issues, but when he was on the field, he seemed to contribute.  I remember some decent sack totals from the veteran; I mean, we didn’t expect him to be an All Pro did we?  Good Luck Willie.

Mike Glennon… geez, do I need to start another blog here?  Yes I do…

  1. MK

    Dead weight for sure. I am glad Pace and the Bears are clearing house. The coaching staff hirings and now this leads me to believe that the Bears are serious about winning next year. I hope they continue on this track in the draft and in free agency.
    Sitton–ex-cheesehead, enough said.
    Freeman–seemed like a good signing at the time but the guy can’t stay clean, which means he can’t stay on the field…big problem.
    McPhee–another signing I liked at the time that did not really pan out. Was supposed to sack the qb but spent more time injured and talking without backing it up.
    Demps–Eddie Jackson and Amos made sure to keep him on the bench last year, not to mention another injured guy who could not stay on the field.
    Young–yeah, I liked his sack dance, but it came too far and few in between.
    Glennon–enjoy your stolen money from the Bears last year…you will not get any more.

    Dead weight=nothing I am going to miss. Keep cleaning house and sending guys out of town via the Pace bus. Only bring back guys who will help the Bears get to the playoffs next year. BEAR DOWN!!!

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