January 11, 2018: Any Day Now

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It’s hard to be patient…  waiting for something we want to happen… hoping it does happen… any day now…

Nagy has come in and is not messing around.  He’s starting to fill in his staff left and right, with some pretty impressive names.  I really like the way this is going; each coaching announcement has been getting good reviews.  Can’t wait to see this all come together; love the fact that he’s getting right down to business… like he already knew who he would pick in each role if he ever got this opportunity.  Preparation baby.  Yet one big piece of the puzzle is missing… Fangio?  Fangio?

What is the fricking hold up?  Green Bay hired somebody, so at the very least he won’t be going there; I’m very happy about that.  Yet, still no word.  Is he holding out for one of the coaching vacancies?  I don’t see any other reason why this is getting delayed.  I’m sure him and Nagy have now met in person and have put some stuff on the table.  Nagy already said he’d just oversee the defense, and let the DC run it; sounds good to me Vic.

I’m sure Nagy has somebody else waiting in the wings… waiting for your decision.  How can we start to fill in the defensive staff without the coordinator?  We need to get this done one way or another.  I’m hoping the Bears gave him a deadline for a decision.  We would love to have you back Vic; love what you’ve done with the defense.  Believe the D can be even better.  But… if you don’t want to be here, then we don’t want you… simple.

That goes for anybody really… somebody else I’m thinking about, switching gears a bit, is Jake Arrieta.  Supposedly with multiple offers on the table… if it’s solely about money, then he will probably end up elsewhere.  But… if the Cubs are in the ballpark, then what’s the hold up?  Does he really have a 200M deal on the table?  I doubt it.  Congrats to him if he does.  I’m sure he has a 150M deal in the mix… with more years than the Cubs are willing to pay… that is 40M more than the most recent Cubs offer supposedly…  110M is still a lot of money though…

It’s nice to have options.  Where do you want to be Jake?  Do you care about winning another World Series championship?  Do you have any loyalty to the organization where you became Jake the Great?  Do you want to be back with the Cubs?  I wonder if he does…

Maybe he doesn’t; that’s what I’ve been thinking lately.  Maybe he’s ready to move on to the next phase of his career elsewhere, maximizing the biggest payday of his life.  I can’t be mad at him for that.  There aren’t many teams with a better chance at winning it all than the Cubs though…  and pitching in front of the fans at Wrigley, where you’re already worshipped… that sounds pretty cool too.  Ideally, the Cubs announce his signing at the Cubs convention coming up next weekend, a la Dexter Fowler at Spring Training 2016.  How sweet would that be?

That would certainly be worth the wait, just as if/when the Bears announce Fangio as the DC.  We want both of these guys; do they want to be here though?  Surely we’ll find out these answers any day now… back to patiently waiting… checking Twitter…

  1. MK

    Come on Vic. Nagy is lining up guys left and right, some of whom seem to have been with the Bears in some capacity in prior years. He definitely has an idea of who he wants and is wasting no time pulling the trigger. I like that. I know he and vic met. What is the hold up? Are we looking at another Ditka vs Buddy thing? Nagy vs Vic? If so, I’m good with it based on where 1985 went…hahaha. Vic has done good things in a few years, and he can do even better now that there is more talent. Stay on board Vic, the Bears are ready to rise from their hibernation! BEAR DOWN!!!
    As for Jake, I am still optimistic. Not real sure what deals are out there or exactly what he wants. Is it a 6 year deal? If so, maybe meet in the middle…5 years, $135 million sounds nice. $150 million, $200 million? Wow, congrats if that happens Jake, but you were made in Chicago with the Cubs. There is no better place to go to win. If it is about the money solely, then the Cubs are probably out, but I think it is about more to Jake. A Cubs convention signing sounds good to me. Make it happen Theo and Jake! GO CUBS GO!!!

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