January 3, 2018: Second Showing

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I did it again; I normally don’t do this.  After spending some time with some out of town family, I found myself in front of the TV by myself late night.  Of course I’ll browse through the movies; if something good is on like Good Fellas for example, I’ll tune in.  If nothing good, I’ll browse through the stations; never ESPN for highlights of teams I don’t care about.  All those other stations we have, and sometimes I still come up empty.  But there it was…on NHL network…the replay of the Hawks Rangers game.  I knew they won, and had already read through the game summary; I caught it before the scoring started, so I locked in.  I was ready for the second showing of the Hawks game.

And that first goal was sweet.  I kind of like that pairing of Vinnie with Saad and Toews.  What a sweet pass it was by Jonny and Vinnie didn’t miss.  I did see the Rangers equalizer, after some pretty impressive work by Jeff Glass in net.  Will he be able to help the Hawks get by without Crow?  He performed well in MSG on the big stage in this Original Six matchup.

Next thing I know, I woke up and it was 2-2 in the 3rd.  I knew the game winner was coming.  A throwback snipe from Sharpie was the unlikely decider.  How bad has he been?  So much for rekindling some of that old magic.  He definitely looks a step, maybe two steps, slow out there.  How long can Q keep sending him out there?  He’s already scratched him; I’m guessing that will be more common as the year goes on, but…it was really nice to see him score.  I always liked Sharp.

I didn’t stay up for the empty netters, but when the 2 points were in the bank, the Hawks were out of last.  It’s funny; not that the Hawks are in last, but that they’re 2 wins from being in the playoffs.  This is how crazy it’s going to be from here on out; that’s why I panic.  While a winning streak may creep us in, a losing streak will push us further out.   There is so little room for error; I just don’t know if the Hawks can do it.

Especially without Crow.  When will he return?  What’s really going on?  Can the Hawks muster enough offense to keep in it?  On this night, they did.  The best team in the West will make their first appearance in the UC come Friday night.

We’ll try to catch the first showing of that one, and hope for the same result.  It will be nice to come back home, for I believe a bunch in a row.  No time better than the present to get on that streak.  Go Hawks!

  1. MK

    Big win vs the rangers. The Toews, Saad, Hino line sure seems like it is clicking pretty good right now. Glass has been anything but in net. He has been rock solid, and the Hawks need him to be. Will he get the majority of the starts now or will Forsberg come back and play well? How long is Crow going to be out? With no Crow and no Anisimov, the Hawks need to find a way to string some wins together. They are coming back home to the UC with a big test against the vegas knights. Welcome back home Hawks…time to roll! GO HAWKS!!!

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