January 4, 2018: Back to the Well

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It’s mostly gone…that itch.  No, not THAT itch, I’m talking about the gambling one.  I was just thinking about how it’s been too long since I’ve played some cards; that was always fun, regardless of the money won or lost (of course more fun when I won), but just playing, just being in the game, the camaraderie between the boys.  Many more good times than not; more good times to add.  Then I think about sports gambling.

I will still dabble a bit, only on the trips to Vegas, which are usually once a year, although we missed last year.  But nothing like we used to do: offshore account, local bookie, betting with my heart over my head was always my weakness.  I still monitor the lines from time to time.  The start of the NFL playoffs is as good a time as any to dig in a bit.  It’s time to go back to the well; ATS winners coming!

Chiefs -8 Titans

Homefield advantage is big right?  Also who is playing well at the time.  The Chiefs started like Super Bowl contenders, then looked like the Bears, and now, started playing well again, just in time for this playoff matchup against the Titans.  The Titans?  Really?  Still trying to figure out how they made the playoffs, and I guess that makes them dangerous to a point.  I like playing the dogs more than the chalk typically, but really like the Chiefs in this one.  Lay those points in game 1.

Falcons +6 at LA Rams

Back to the second season for the Rams; quite an impressive turnaround, one which the Bears can only hope for next year.  Will folks actually come to this playoff game?  How many tickets are they having to give away in radio contests out there this week?  How many folks from the ATL will make the cross country trip?  It’s a return to the postseason for the Birds too.  We remember how last year ended, and without their OC, they’re struggled mightily this year.  But they made it, and they will make things as hard as they come for these newbies.  Do I like them straight up?  Hmmm…not sure…leaning yes, but I will take the points.

Bills +8.5 at Jaguars

Did you see the highlights of Bills fans celebrating when the Bengals beat the Ravens to punch the Bills ticket to the postseason?  Awesome, just awesome.  Now they get to head down to another home field advantage that is far from it.  Will they even sell out?  It shouldn’t matter; the game is played on the field, yet…that 3 points that the home team gets is for what then?  So take that away, just like the game above, and the line is inflated.  Do I think the Bills can actually win?  Sure, but that doesn’t matter.  I’m taking the points again with a road team that will not have to face such a brutal disadvantage.

Saints -7 Panthers

Kind of thinking twice on this one.  Yes, the Saints have a good home field; that’s not it.  Maybe it’s Rivera.  Maybe it’s the unpredictable Cam who can pull a great game out of his ass just as easy as he can deliver a clunker like the season finale last week.  Maybe it’s the Panthers defense who can make it close.  The Saints defense, which is probably the least talked about unit in this game, is why I’ll lay the points.  I like the under here too.  Saints 20 Panthers 10.

Feels good to make my picks.  Not that I’m going out, laying my hard earned money on it, which is the only true test of any pick, but still.  Maybe one day, one day.  For now, it’s only for my record and for my pride and for your enjoyment.  Enjoy the games.

  1. MK

    Cards and sports gambling…one of the best combos! This is after the fact since I know who won the games, but I looked at the lines previously and this is what I had…

    Titans +8–loved the chiefs, especially at home, but they have been too inconsistent this year to lay that many points, plus I like the titans D with mr. lebeau in charge.
    Falcons +6–dangerous call due to the inconsistency they have shown all year, but just have a feeling the playoffs might bring out the best in the super bowl runner ups. The rams just seem like a year away, maybe.
    Jags-8.5–just thought that the jags D would shut the bills down, which they did, but I thought bortles and company would be able to do more offensively. That was not the case. A win for the jags but no cover.
    Panthers+7–did not think cam and co would win but figured it might be close. I was right.

    3-1 wild card weekend…bring on next week!

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