January 7, 2018: The Hate Files XXXI

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Happy F-ing New Year!  And with the start of a new year, it was the start of the NFL playoffs; those NFL playoffs that the Bears are seemingly allergic to.  I wasn’t even going to watch them… still pissed at another wasted year for our boys.  I guess it won’t be wasted if we start making the playoffs going forward, but that’s no guarantee.  Unfortunately, I have gotten used to dealing with the playoffs without the Bears; this is at the root of my anger at the NFL nowadays.  However, I actually did tune into some of the action this weekend…

The games were OK; it’s not like I was stuck on them.  It was nice to see some new teams in there… some of these new teams have such a poor following.  All year teams like the LA Rams and the Jacksonville Jaguars struggle to draw; they play in front of half empty stadiums… and they’re playoff teams!!!  And now, come Wild Card weekend, all of a sudden, the stands are packed; I call bullshit.

It just ain’t right.  We die hard fans live and die with our teams… have to put up with all the losing… get pissed off every Monday after the game because of another loss… just waiting for the Bears to be good again…  Yeah, it’s not easy; wait, let me clarify.  It’s not easy watching your team lose week after week, year after year, but… it’s easy sticking with my team.  I know I always say never say never, but in this case, I think it’s safe; there will never come a day where I root for another team.  It’s Bears or bust.. same with my other teams.  And while we wait, for what we deserve, there are these “fake fans” filling the stadium to watch playoff football.  That’s who this Hate File is dedicated to.

An NFL team in LA?  You’re kidding me… haha.  I lived out there, so I’ve seen it first hand.  THE football team in LA is the USC Trojans, period.  They have no interest in NFL football.  On Sundays, on sports talk radio, there wouldn’t be NFL previews; there would be USC post game talk.  Driving around on Sundays in LA, you would see people in football jerseys… of the Patriots, Steelers, Broncos, Bears… teams from all over, but no LA teams.  And now they have two teams?!?!  They can’t even support one team.  Doing whatever the hell they want to do all year long, and now since the Rams made it to the playoffs, everybody is a Rams fan?  That pisses me off.

And then there’s Jacksonville.  Wasn’t this team going to move cities because they couldn’t support it?  Weren’t they going to draft Tebow back in the day to get people to fill that stadium?  This team is a joke… well, not this year they’re weren’t.  They were fricking great; I hope they beat the Steelers, but don’t you just hate when folks come out of the woodworks to fill a stadium where a team is playing that you really don’t care that much about?  Let me take that back for one second; there were a ton of Bills fans there.  Bills Mafia travels well; those folks deserve a playoff berth.  But people in Jacksonville?  Pathetic.

As the message “did you hear the Rams/Jaguars made the playoffs?” got around in Los Angeles and Jacksonville, THEN all of a sudden everybody is a fan.  Were all of you fans when those teams sucked?  I didn’t think so; that’s why you’re fake ass fans.. that’s why you don’t deserve shit.  Go back to doing whatever the hell you were doing before you found out that there was some sort of NFL tournament going on this weekend, and leave rooting for sports teams to the real fans.  I hate your ass!  Peace!

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  1. Mo

    Bandwagon fans are defined as sports fans who have shown no past loyalty to a team, and who only support them when they are doing well……that’s too nice of an explanation from Google. Then what to do you say about the Jacksonville fans? Stadium half empty…covering the seats with tarp so the empty seat don’t show up on TV….giving away season tickets to those who can afford them….hell why not pay people to show up at your games? How is this franchise still alive…help from the NFL…can a football team apply for LINK? Then there is LA who has kicked out so many NFL teams they might as well section 8 the city…..

    All I know is that would not fly here…you live and die with your sports teams, period! you don’t have to like the team in the city you live in, but you need to stick with your team to the end!

  2. ol' number 51

    Damn right…..except for the line ” there will never come a day where I root for another team”.
    Don’t we root for ‘other teams’ every week? Like any team that’s playing the Packers?!

  3. MK

    Pretty sad when nfl franchises cannot fill their stadiums for 8 days out of the year. So many games even get blacked out because of the lack of interest. It is pretty damn sad. I mean, the jag have been good all year…same with the rams, and they just moved back to la. As a die hard sports fan, it is hard to understand band wagoners. People just jump on the latest teams that are hot. What fun is that? You have to live through and experience all the down years to make the titles that much sWeeter…see 2016 Chicago Cubs! This is what makes it suck even more that the Bears are missing out on the playoffs once again. It seems that every sport is better when the Chicago team is doing well. Obviously, I am biased, but I think there are plenty of people that agree with that statement. Always room for band wagon fans to jump on when Chicago teams are hot, but don’t look for a soft landing when you jump off to another team that’s hotter. Die hards ride it out, through thick and thin! sWeet Home Chicago!!!

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