January 9, 2018: Crown Him

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“You going to watch the press conference?” is what my brother asked me this morning.  I said no, but I’ll catch up with it on Twitter.  Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop.  One good thing after another was being said about this new guy;  “Neggy” is what they call him.  If the Super Bowl was decided after an introductory press conference, the Bears would be hoisting it.  We know it’s only just begun, but what the hell, crown him anyways!

Finally?  Do the Bears finally have a coach that gets us fired up?  After the snoozefests and living hell that were Fox and Trestman, I probably could have got up there and been an improvement.  Nagy was that drop of water for us Bears fans wandering through the desert.  Just a taste…once it hits your lips…

Looking back, I did like Lovie, but he sure was an emotionless bad challenger with the personality of a wet blanket. But following up Dick Jauron and Dave Wannstedt, it didn’t take much either.  Jauron was a nightmare and I couldn’t stand Wannstedt, but they did both follow Da Coach, who was the only coach I knew in my Bears lifetime.

Personality counts for something, no?  It’s not the most important thing, but to be a leader of men, to be on the big seat in a big city, to be the guy everybody looks to, you need some of that.  Teaching these men, the players, managing your guys, the coaching staff, and dealing with the crowd, the media and fans, it helps if you’re somewhat of a likable guy.  It helps that you can be yourself and be proud of it; not being afraid to show your true colors, not reading off a script.  Give him time…

I liked the fact that he owned the playoff loss last weekend.  No excuses?  Wow, what a novel idea.  He said he’d learn from it; easy for us to accept that.  It wasn’t our team whose season came crashing to an end against a team that shouldn’t have even been in the playoffs.  But, if he’s going to learn, if he’s going to make mistakes, I’m glad he got some of that out of the way in KC.

Family is why we all do what we do, no?  He said that too.  He had his 4 boys say “Go Bears”.  We can relate to that.  Doing what we do for our family, having our kids say “Go Bears”.  And then when he said the first Super Bowl he could remember was THE one, XX…give me more!

First impressions count too; remember the Maddon press conference when he came here?  How about Theo’s?  That turned ok.  The quick video of him meeting Trubisky warmed my tummy.  It’s Pace-Nagy-Trubisky…they need a nickname.  PNT, they’re dynamite?  Ok, but we know it will be those three guys that we will sink or swim with.

Pace has done both good and bad, but I’m thinking he may have just done his best move.  I know, I know…I’m drinking a big glass of that kool aid… I’m ready for the season to start now.  I guess the only thing I didn’t like about it, was that he didn’t guarantee the playoffs.  Ok, he should of at the very least said it’s playoffs or bust every year…I don’t want to hear we’ll work our way there.

I was expecting big things before this hire, before today.  Today only added to that.  If we finally have the right coach, how important is that?  How big is that?  Time to find out who the other coaches will be.  Here’s hoping Fangio sticks around.  Bear Down!


  1. MK

    Drop of water for us Bears fans wandering in the desert…HAHAHA…nice one! Line up the shots, I’m ready! Personality does count for me, too. I mean, this is football, not curling (no offense to curling since I watch). You have to get pumped up, excited, happy, pissed off, or whatever other emotion from time to time and just show it. Having his boys say “go Bears” was cool, too. And remembering SB XX? Yeah, way to butter us up Nagy! Lather me in it if you want, just make the playoffs and win the damn Super Bowl! Get this Bears franchise back to respectability, back to being feared, back to kicking cheese ass twice a year, and having a double dose of viqueens. PNT or bust? Ok, sure. They are all tied together now. Let’s hope they tie a nice bow around a big present for all us Bears fans…and soon! BEAR DOWN!!!

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