March 6, 2018: Hawks Big Three

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We hear a lot of this ‘big three’ talk in the NBA.  It all started when LeQueen teamed up with the boys in Miami.  Now every NBA team is shooting for that blueprint.  But what about in the NHL?  You may have another three in mind, but when I’m looking at the last decade the Hawks Big Three are as good as it gets.

Yes, it was nice to see that Keith to Kane to Toews goal 9 seconds into OT to give the Hawks the win.  Yes, this year has been a down year, and maybe there’s a lost step in there nowadays, but there was a time when I’d take these three guys against anybody.

They are the core of the dynasty.  Argue with me if you like, but three titles for any one team should equate to that, no?  Not everybody can win 6 in 8 years like MJ and the Bulls.  3 in 6 is pretty damn good; the 3 in 9 run that the Penguins have is not as impressive.  At the core of any dynasty are legendary players.

There are nine players that were on the roster of each of those 3 Stanley Cup winners.  Kruger and Crawford although they really didn’t play any part in the first.  Hossa, Hammer, Seabs, and Sharp are the better known part of the core.  Then there’s Toews, Kane, and Keith.

Kruger and Hammer are playing for other teams right now.  Sharp was gone, but now is back.  Hossa was forced into early retirement.  Crawford wasn’t the starting goalie for the first one.  That leaves Seabrook; just because he’s bad now, doesn’t mean I want to see him in another jersey, but would understand.

But when it comes to our big three, they should be retiring as Blackhawks.  There should be statues of each of them when it’s all said and done; I wouldn’t even mind a Keith-Seabrook pair as the “best defenders”.  Their numbers should be hanging from the rafters; maybe not Seabs?  Anyways, these guys are the Blackhawks.

They should be lifers one way or another.  Foley was just commenting how Q went back to these three to start OT for this game.  This used to be a given.  And as Toews won the face off, Keith banked a pass to Kane, who put it right on the tape of a streaking Captain for the W.  It was a beautiful thing.   All those memories came rushing back…those days when the Blackhawks were at the top of the NHL.

Yes, I’ve been quite emotional about the Blackhawks run lately…refusing to let go…refusing to believe this is the closing of the window.  No, we’re down but not out.  Ok, we’re out for this year, but this Blackhawks team will be back.  I know in my heart that they will make one more serious run at a Cup before we close this, the best chapter in Blackhawks history.

And when that chapter is finally closed, there will be three names more prominent than any other.  Toews, Kane, and  Keith.   It felt good to see them do it again, and hopefully not for the last time together.  Go Hawks!

  1. MK

    The Hawks big 3 came up with an OT winner just 9 seconds in…pretty sweet. Toews, Kane, and Keith are definitely the core of this Hawks team. Are their talents slipping a bit…maybe. Are they losing a step…maybe. But these guys embody what the Hawks are. They were at the center of the 3 Cups. They should retire as Hawks. They are good enough to make another run at the Cup with some young pieces around them. Imagine everything they could teach younger guys. Years ago, they were the young guys that got it done. Now, they are the grizzled vets with so much playoff experience. You can count last year as some of that but it was a sweep. This year, they will actually miss the playoffs. The window is closing but not shut yet. The big 3 have been at the middle of the Hawks revival and will be again with another Cup run in the coming years. What a sweet way to end OT. GO HAWKS!!!

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