November 26, 2017: Explainable

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It was another matchup of a Chicago team vs the best in the league.  Friday it was the Bulls vs the Warriors.  Saturday it was the Blackhawks vs the Lightning.  Sunday saw our Bears take on the NFL best Eagles.  Finally, a Bears loss that is explainable.

I don’t hear any coulda, woulda, shoulda won this game.  This is what outclassed looks like.  From the coaching, to the offense, to the defense, it was a mismatch on all levels.  If the Bears couldn’t beat the Rodgers-less Packers, or the flaky Lions, they certainly had no chance against the mighty Eagles.  That’s pretty crazy to say…

Their QB choice of Carson Wentz is working out pretty well.  Yes, there was the whole Alshon thing going on too on Sunday.  Looking at our WR corps, it’s very easy to say we should have kept Alshon.  I won’t say that.  It certainly would be nice to have a good WR; Alshon would fit that bill.  But, remember all the reasons why we didn’t want to keep him?  Well, at least the biggest reason in my head was the injuries.  But, leaving the Bears for what he left for, a one year deal at reasonable dough, showed us that he didn’t want to be here.  I wouldn’t want to play with Cutler either, but he’s long gone.  I’m sure Alshon would have been a lot more excited about playing with Mitch.  We can only hope he progresses as much as Wentz has year over year.

Of course there is more to just Mitch getting better; he needs help.  We’ve been through this.  But now, the one unit that we could semi-count on, is back in trouble due to injuries.  No Danny and no Michael put us over the top in a bad spot.  Even Fangio will all his wonderful teachings cannot coach up this defense… well, at least not against the Eagles in Philly.  I think there will be a lot better chance of that happening against another young QB next week in Chicago.

Still, the defense has taken a step backwards; the offense is in neutral.  This whole team seems to be back in that “stuck” position.  Like many are saying, I do believe it is time for a change in the coaching.

I loved when the Bears got Fox, but… the proof is in the record.  I know he hasn’t exactly been playing with a full deck, and he did have the coach killer for his first couple years… that’s why I was trying to give him a pass, but… I think it makes sense to start fresh.  A fresh coach, with a fresh offensive mind; if he doesn’t have it, then hire one heck of an OC.  It’s time to invest in the coaching, stick with them, add talent, and take this team to the next level.  Word is Fangio is out too… not sure how I feel about that, especially seeing the progress our healthy defense has made.

I didn’t watch the whole game on Sunday; I had too much stuff to do.  I will still try to watch the remaining games, maybe even get to Soldier Field for cheap with my son for his first game, but… that excitement that I felt a few weeks ago, is gone.  It has been replaced again by hope… hope that this is the last season like this we’ll have to endure for a long time.  I think we’re due.  Bear Down!

  1. MK

    The Bears were strongly reminded how much of a difference there is between a top team and what they are. The eagles took it to them all game. Alshon got a td vs his old squad. The Bears could not even muster a first down in the first half…how pathetic is that? I miss alshon for the simple fact that MTru could be utilizing him, but I do not miss the weekly spot on the injury report. I definitely think it is time for fox and dowell to go. They may not have been given all the tools to do their job, but I have not seen anything that would indicate something changing, regardless of who they have. Bears have a week to get ready for a 1 win team at Soldier Field. Can fox get this team going to get their 4th W? Stay tuned and BEAR DOWN!!!

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