November 29, 2017: Watching the Replay

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Have you ever watched the replay of a Blackhawks game the following day?  I can’t really remember if I have; don’t really do that period across the board.  However, there I was, Tuesday afternoon, sitting there watching the replay of the Blackhawks Ducks game.

I wouldn’t have even flipped it on had I known they lost; no need to ever watch one of those games again.  But I knew it was a win; I knew it was a good game to watch after the fact.  We had watched the beginning of this game, and saw the first goal as Sharp shot one off the goalie’s helmet.  Maybe he still has some left in the tank?  I was really watching to see the kid’s first hat trick…

I actually left work early on this day, and ended up putting together our fireplace TV stand; it’s pretty sweet.  It took me a long time; glad I was able to kill some of that time with this 7 goal performance.  Again, I was looking for DeBrincat’s goals…

They were of every kind of variety.  You had a snipe shot, a rebound, and one off a beautiful pass from Kane.  The kid has skills.  All I did was hear about this kid last year, and his performance.  Alex DeBrincat was a name every one of us Blackhawk fans, die hard, casual, whatever, should have been aware of.  These guys don’t always pan out; early returns on this guy are really good.

We could be watching the rookie of the year.  We only have to look back 2 years ago to find the last Blackhawks rookie of the year.  It was Bread Man of course.  A quick check on his stats tells me he’s doing OK in Columbus… 11 assists & 5 goals.  It’s a little better than Saad so far, who has 9 goals & 4 assists thus far.  I’m still very OK with this trade.  The last one before him.. we’re still enjoying watching him play.  Patrick Kane won this award as a Blackhawk back in 2007-2008.  Last one before him???  Anyone?

I didn’t remember either, although I should have.  I had his hockey card after that year.  Ed Belfour back in 1990-1991.  Steve Larmer, Tony Esposito, Bill Hay, and Cully Dahlstrom round up the list of previous ROYs with the Hawks.  I’d love to see another.

I did see Anisimov’s goal too; how awesome was that?  Maybe I shouldn’t be so impressed with something like that, but the hand eye coordination on that goal… wow.  To smack it out of mid air… how many of these goals happen across the NHL per year?  Maybe this is more common than I think; I’m still impressed as hell when I see it.

It’s always nice to smack the Ducks.  They’re right in the middle of the Western standings; we’ll meet again, just like with all these other west teams.  Nice to see a big win; I really enjoyed watching this replay.  Can’t see that being a habit… hoping the Hawks wins are though.  Go Hawks!

  1. MK

    Not sure if I’ve ever watched a game’s full replay, but I did find myself up at 2am one night watching the ot vs the stars. I fell asleep earlier that night with the game tied at 2 in the 3rd and did not know who won. After watching a scoreless ot, I checked and saw that the Hawks lost the shootout so no need for me to stay up any longer. Sharp seems a bit like Hoss to me. He still has some value, but it seems to come in fewer and fewer spots. Still love the Saad for panarin deal, no matter the numbers. Saad is a man beast who can fly. He is better defensively, too, and can also play the penalty kills, which the Hawks have been great at this year. As I was reading, I did guess that Eddie the Eagle was the previous ROY for the Hawks…point for me! The hand-eye coordination of these guys all while on skates is pretty damn amazing. Hope the Hawks can string some points together to move up the standings! GO HAWKS!!!

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