November 30, 2017: Double Barrel

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I love that double barrel action; Blackhawks, Bulls, Blackhawks, Bulls… it was nice to watch the end of both games.  It sucked to see both of them lose.

Feels good to finally be caught up; it hasn’t been easy.  I think this is the furthest I’ve fell behind.  After I post this one, I’ll be on current day.. whew!  Moving into that new house has brought a whole new list of things to do; I hear it never ends.  Something nice that comes along with this new house is new stuff!  Specifically for this story, is our new TV… a 65 incher!

Yeah buddy.  We hooked this bad boy up in the basement, and boom!  When we first turned it on, Good Fellas was on at the part of “how am I funny?”; it was the PG version, so we were OK.  Then I wanted to see some sports so I flipped to the hockey game that was on between the Lightning and Bruins; looked phenomenal on there.  Then, I saw Kong was on; wow… awesome.

Thursday night brought our 2nd night in front of the beast, and it was double barrel action with the Blackhawks and the Bulls.  The Blackhawks looked great in the 3rd period, pouring it on, tying the game and sending it to OT.  That was short lived though… still got a point at least.  The Bulls were actually close in their game too; I couldn’t believe it.  They kept themselves in the rotation with that close score.

Flipping back to the Bulls, they had a lead late, but they squandered it.  They still had a chance to take the lead, only down by 1.  They did; nice move by Kris Dunn.  It was a heck of lot better a play call than the previous one for Holiday; seriously Fred?  You’re calling a play for Holiday?  Yes, when Dunn hit that layup, I thought we may pull it out.  Nope.  The defense allowed their top point scorer Barton to drive right down Broadway all the way to the hoop for the reverse layup to win.  Still with seconds left, the ball was inbounded to Valentine.  He looked awkward trying to bring the ball up, eventually firing it up from half court; nope.  Another loss.

0-2 on this evening.  I’m not going to blame the TV for these losses yet, but if I don’t see a win on it soon… I’ll be taking it back.  Haha.  It’s the first time we bought a new TV in like 8 years; I’m ready to retire from my job and sit in front of the TV all day now.  It looks so damn good… haha.

Back to the Hawks, and their muddled up standings.  Like I mentioned previously, they need to step it up and play good hockey consistently as soon as possible.  It’s going to be a dogfight in the West; they have to stay in the middle of it, and above the mess hopefully.  The Bulls… losing is the plan this year right?  Well, then the Bulls are really doing a great job with successfully meeting their plan.  Look forward to more of these games on the beast; next up will be Friday night in Sacramento for the Bulls and Saturday night in Dallas for the Hawks.  Let’s do it!

  1. MK

    Gotta love the big screen tv, especially with multiple games on…what a treat! Going to focus on the Bulls vs nugs since I watched the ending. It was a great game and back and forth at the end. Markk hit a big shot for the lead. Then, for some dumbass reason, holiday chucks up an ill-advised trey. I’m hoping that was not the play that was called, and this guy just went rogue, but you can never tell with fredberg. Why not give it to Markk? Guy just drilled a jumper for the lead. Then dunn makes a nice move for the lead only to see the entire Bulls team fall asleep and let barton coast to the rim for a layup. Nice D boys! At least pound the guy and force him to hit 2 free throws. Valentine looked like he was going for a stroll up the court, in no particular hurry, before tossing up a long one that missed. Another close Bulls loss…expecting quite a few of those. No matter how big the tv, losses still don’t look good! GO BULLS and GO HAWKS!!!

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