October 2, 2017: Trubisky Freed

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I’m not the one to tell you I told you so, but…I told you so.  Back on September 3rd, in the first part of my two-part Bears season preview, I told you exactly how this season would unfold.  The Bears would have a 1-3 record heading into Week 5 when this would happen:

“Week 5 vs Vikings: WIN. What better way to introduce the number two pick in the draft, our franchise QB, to the world then by starting him in his first game at home on Monday Night Football. Yep. Clear your calendars now. I’m smiling just thinking about it. Then I remember how bad I am at predicting the Bears future. A guy can be right once can’t he???”

Read the second part too; you’re going to hope I’m a fricking psychic.

Yes, on Monday morning we found out the news that we’ve all been waiting to hear.  Monday mornings are typically very busy for me, as was this one, but surely if the news broke someone would tell me.  It wasn’t my wife or my brother, who are usually on top of this kind of stuff, but it was my west coast connect.  As we were talking about work, he slipped it in there.  I said no, really?  Sure enough, as I pulled up Twitter, there it was.  Trubisky Freed!!!

What a difference a day makes.  Dreading having to watch Glennon take one more snap, agonizing trying to watch the Bears stumble through another national TV disaster, the season would take a dramatic turn.  The kid, the future, the franchise will make his first start.  Yahoo!!!

But after spreading the news throughout the office, some weren’t as excited.  “Bad move.  The kid is going to get killed out there.”  “The Bears still have no wide receivers.”  “They still won’t win many games.”  I told them they must be crazy.  I was pumped.  Nobody was going to change that.  The only problem here is that his debut is the same night of Game 3 of the NLDS at Wrigley; hopefully they’ll schedule the Cubs game earlier.

We will remember this game forever.  Maybe the Bears won’t come out and win this game, and if you’re of that negative ilk, maybe this will be the beginning of the end for Ryan Pace; I choose to be positive.  The Bears are going to come out and kick ass, from this point forward.  Yes, it won’t be perfect, he won’t be perfect, but this is step one towards the return to the postseason.

Actually steps have already been taken, pieces are already in place.  Besides the fact about the receivers being correct, this team is not that bad; I’m sticking by that.  The RB combo, the OL, the front 7; the situation may not be perfect for a rookie to debut, but it is far from a bad spot.  And I’ll go back to this: what if we finally have a QB who can make others around him better?  How does that feel?

A QB making WRs better.  A team taking the field with confidence and swagger.  A QB leading, inspiring a team to play its best; this guy leading a franchise.  Yeah, I want to know how that feels.

And as Cutler struggles, while some call for his benching after his 3rd game, I smile; we could have told you how that would turn out.  Guess it wasn’t just the Bears huh?  The last guy who was supposed to be the guy, was one of the biggest disappointments in Bears history.  Could anyone top that place in infamy?  If Mitch fails miserably, will we all look back at that draft night and justify our four letter words that we used?

Maybe.  Or maybe, the Bears finally got it right.  That will take a while to truly figure out, but there is one thing that is not disputable.  The Bears finally made a good decision to start Trubisky.  Where do we go from here?  I can’t wait to find out.  Bear Down!!!

  1. MK

    Trubisky freed! Way to nail that one on the head. You called it, and we’ll finally get to see it. The Bears #1 draft choice with the 2nd pick will be starting on Monday night in Soldier Field. Can you feel the excitement? The hope? If we feel like this, imagine how the team feels. I’m sure they will come out ready to knock the vikequeens back in time. I think everybody rallies around this move and does everything possible to make it successful. Will there be bumps in the road? Of course. Will there still be turnovers? Yes. 3 and outs? Yes. But if this guy is who they think he is, then there is a light at the end of this tunnel. The lights are on and so will be the engine come Monday night. MTru gets his chance to lead and show what he can do. I’m ready to see it for myself. We all are. The Bears will be ready, too. This could be the ultimate turning point for this franchise. I would hate to think otherwise. My compass says things are heading up. So I’ll keep BEARing DOWN!!!

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