October 4, 2017: Rain

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As I sit here looking out my office window, I can see the rain coming down.  We really need it.  It has been a pretty dry stretch here in Chicago; I’m not complaining, I’m just saying.  In general, I like rain.  Don’t know if I could take everyday Seattle-like weather, but a day or two per week doesn’t bother me.  I have a new appreciation of rain since last year…

I used to like walking in the rain.  I remember the almost 4 block walk from the bus stop after coming home from high school.  I would have my Walkman, throw my hood on, and walk home in the rain; I didn’t mind.  Even to this day, I’m really not a big fan of the umbrella.  My wife, my son… yeah, they can have it, but I don’t need it.  I will use one though, if I’m dressed up or have a meeting or something, but I have shown up to work wet before, even though I only have about a block outside to walk before getting in the doors.  I don’t mind.

Then last year happened… the famous 17 minute rain delay that helped forever change the life of Cubs fans.  I will never look at a rain delay the same again.  It’s not like I didn’t like rain delays in the past… in fact I have wrote about that here before.  Either watching old highlights, or drinking more beer, rain delays were never an issue.  But now… they’re almost revered.

As the gray skies covered the city this morning, I thought:  this weather may be in DC this Friday.  How would a rain delay impact the series?

I began to worry about it for a second… and then I smiled.  I remembered about the rain delay last November, and now, I look at any rain delay or anything out of the ordinary for that matter, as just another hurdle that we can and will overcome.  If the game starts, and our starter only goes 2 innings before the rain comes down, so what?  We’ll be fine.  It will be the other teams that have to worry about it.  And then my mind wanders…

I think about rain pouring down in the middle of a playoff game, and all the Cubs standing on the field… soaking it in… enjoying it.  I remember guys who have slid on the tarp in the past, and see Rizzo and Bryant sliding on the tarp, having the times of their lives.  Then I think, wait, they could get injured… and yes they could and it would be a stupid injury, so maybe it’s a couple other guys doing the sliding…  now I feel like taking a walk in the rain…

It’s amazing what winning it all does to an attitude.  Instead of being so nervous (I’m still nervous), and worrying so much about something going wrong.. how will the Cubs blow this one… I look forward to more good things happening… rain or no rain… in fact, I’m hoping for rain… haha.  Because no matter what happens, we did it; 2016 will live in our hearts forever.  That surely doesn’t mean I don’t want to see it happen again.  In fact, how cool would a repeat be???

And I actually think that it could happen… that it will happen.  And if it doesn’t, then we’ll win it next year, and maybe then we can repeat the following year.  I’ve always believed in the Cubs, but this is the first team that actually rewarded my belief.  And for that, my beliefs become only stronger.  I cannot wait until Friday.  Go Cubs!!!

  1. MK

    Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. Who hasn’t chanted that song before?

    I don’t mind the rain, either…a bit here and there is fine. I just don’t like driving in it. People drive even dumber with rain or snow. I have never been an umbrella guy, either. Walking downtown with the wind mangling umbrella after umbrella. What’s the point? It is only water. You will dry.

    The 17 minute rain delay has automatically made any rain delay just fine with me. It helped our Cubs win it all last year. The rain washes away the bad stuff and makes good stuff grow. The nerves are still with me for the Cubs this year. They will be for every game, inning, and pitch. But winning it all and being the defending Champs has made the excitement and confidence grow. I feel good about the Cubs chances. They will never quit. They are just as hungry as last year and will be ready to go this weekend. I will be, too. They say winning cures everything. So winning it all must cure everything and more. Just like last year, believe in the Cubbies! GO CUBS GO!!!

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