October 5, 2017: Overload

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As if the Cubs playing in the playoffs wasn’t enough… the Chicago sports world is busier than ever.  Thankfully the White Sox aren’t in the postseason, or it’d really be crazy; only a couple more years for that, right?

Yes, it’s a good time to be a Chicago sports fan.  With the announcement of Trubisky as the starter on MNF, the Bears poked their head out of the hole they’ve been hiding in the past decade or so.  How will the kid do?  You already know how I feel about this.  Like I said, the only problem is that this historic debut will be on the same night of the NLDS Game 3.

We still don’t know if the game time will be earlier… I’m hoping.  This would be horrible if these two things were going on at the same time; decisions, decisions, right?  Well, it’s beautiful at the same time, and the decision will really not be that hard.  With the Bears at 1-3, and 3/4 of the season to go, it’s Cubs all the way, right?  Normally, yes.  But this game that the 1-3 Bears will be playing at home on their only MNF game of the year is featuring the new Bears franchise QB… maybe the only true franchise QB we have ever had… his debut… yeah…

Still, it’s the Cubs in the playoffs, and I’m certainly not taking that for granted.  Living in the golden era of Cubs baseball, can you imagine if this Trubisky era turns golden for the Bears… Wowza!

And oh yeah, by the way, speaking of golden eras, the Blackhawks are making their first regular season appearance of the year on this day.  That just seems wrong.  First of all, still feels like summer out.  Secondly, we have enough going on.  Not to say I won’t watch this game… of course I will try, and of course I have missed the Hawks.  Last year ended ugly; I’m sure the Hawks can’t wait to get back on the ice.  And there will be some familiar faces.  With Sharp and most importantly Saad back on the ice, it’s going to be fun.  Plus the team we play… the Penguins… the “other” NHL team with 3 cups this decade.  Yeah, not too bad a way to start the NHL season.

And then there’s the Bulls; remember them?  After I got done sticking my finger down my throat when I heard the Bulls were looking to extend Gar, I realized the Bulls won their preseason opener; then they got crushed by 47 points.  Like the Blackhawks, I haven’t watched one minute of the Bulls preseason.  Not even sure when the opener is, but logically, it’s coming soon too.  4 teams at once?!?!  It was only last year when we had to deal with this.

It’s a pleasant thing to deal with, after second thought; I don’t mind the overload.  Because it only means one thing:  the Cubs are still playing baseball.  Maybe the Sox will throw their hat in the ring again soon, but for now, regardless of the other teams playing in Chicago, if the Cubs are playing in October, it’s their month.  Did I tell you that I can’t fricking wait until Friday?

Until then, there will be plenty to keep me busy starting with the Blackhawks tonight.  There is never a dull moment.  I love Chicago sports.

  1. MK

    Chicago sports overload? Yes please. Sign me up any time of the year. 3 Chicago sports teams playing now with the Bhawks regular season opener vs the pens…can you say 10 spot? Hahaha. Bhawks, Bears, and of course our playoffs Cubbies. Go figure how the Bears are playing Monday night with their franchise qb MTru starting his first game and the Cubs will be playing game 3 in Wrigley…wow! Talk about bad timing. Oh well, record and/or flip between…tough to do either. Normally, with the Bulls starting up soon, too, 4 Chicago teams playing in October is good stuff. Only problem is that the Bulls are going to suck…worse than the Bears as they look to MTru to turn things around. We all know the Bhawks will be in it…perfect 10? Hahaha. How about a 4th Cup and a 2nd World Series W? Sounds good to me!
    Go Hawks!!!
    Bear Down!!!
    GO CUBS GO!!!

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