April 30, 2014: Silver Lining

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Wow… tough way to go out.  In a series I thought was going to be the total opposite, the Wizards knocked out our Bulls last night in a 4-1 series win.  Being there only made it worse.  The slow start, … Continued

April 29, 2014: Rain Delay

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With my wife working last night, I was ready to actually sit down and watch the entire Cubs game as they started a series in Cincinnati.  Well, at least try to watch it, as my 2 year old ran around … Continued

April 28, 2014: Split Decision

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This Sunday had both our Bulls and Hawks looking for playoff victories.  This time, at least the games were scheduled to start 2 hours apart, which would allow me to see most of both games.  However, I had to attend … Continued