November 30, 2017: Double Barrel

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I love that double barrel action; Blackhawks, Bulls, Blackhawks, Bulls… it was nice to watch the end of both games.  It sucked to see both of them lose. Feels good to finally be caught up; it hasn’t been easy.  I … Continued

November 29, 2017: Watching the Replay

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Have you ever watched the replay of a Blackhawks game the following day?  I can’t really remember if I have; don’t really do that period across the board.  However, there I was, Tuesday afternoon, sitting there watching the replay of the … Continued

November 28, 2017: Ex Checking

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You ever wonder what happened to your ex?  There have been some ex-Chicago sports figures in the news lately… let’s do some ex-checking. Let’s start with Derrick Rose.  Word is that he is contemplating retiring after another injury at the … Continued

November 27, 2017: Fantasy Bloodbath

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It started on Thanksgiving day & night… it ended with the Sunday Night Football game… I got absolutely destroyed in my fantasy matchup.  It was truly a fantasy bloodbath. Believe it or not, I was winning before Sunday Night’s game.  … Continued

November 26, 2017: Explainable

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It was another matchup of a Chicago team vs the best in the league.  Friday it was the Bulls vs the Warriors.  Saturday it was the Blackhawks vs the Lightning.  Sunday saw our Bears take on the NFL best Eagles.  … Continued

November 25, 2017: Another Best

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With the Bulls facing the best in the NBA on Friday night, it was the Blackhawks facing the NHL’s best on Saturday.  I would not have guessed that it would be the Tampa Bay Lightning.  It was a very good … Continued

November 24, 2017: Worst vs Best

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Catch up time again…  I believe this is the furthest behind I’ve ever fallen.  I do want to go back and talk about a few things that have been going on.  Let’s start with Friday’s Bulls Warriors game. This truly … Continued

November 23, 2017: Fantasy Turkey

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What other reason is there to watch the now three games on Thanksgiving Day & Night?  It used to be different. Well, maybe not so different.  The Lions have always sucked.  There was the whole Barry Sanders era; he was … Continued

November 21, 2017: One of Six

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After the brutal fantasy loss last week, my playoff life is on the line from here on out.   No chance for error, plus I still need help.  Why is it that I still feel pretty good? Getting another win … Continued