February 10, 2018: Hello Means Goodbye

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So someone finally fired up the stove… With the Cubs signing Yu Darvish for 6 years & 126 million dollars (up to 150M with incentives), the rest of the free agent landscape should take shape.  With that means, Jake Arrieta … Continued

February 9, 2018: The Old Guard

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I was hoping for some more snow prices.  Watching the ticket prices for Friday night’s Timberwolves Bulls game, they did drop down to $35 up in the 300 level, double digit row.  If it was a single digit row, I … Continued

February 8, 2018: Snow Prices

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As schools began to announce closings, and the snow anticipated in Chicago reached 14 inches, I thought of something; I’m sure those ticket prices for the Blackhawks home game at the UC on Thursday night against the Stars would be … Continued

February 6, 2018: Fading Fast

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Each game that goes by is more painful than the previous one.  The lackluster performance in Vancouver followed by the OT loser in Calgary, topped by another loss on home ice vs the Flames…again.  There is no other way to … Continued

February 5, 2018: Urly

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Not to be overlooked during Super Bowl week, are the new inductees to the NFL HOF.  This year was a bit different; we had one of our own entering in Canton’s doors.  Welcome Chicago Bears MLB Brian Urlacher. I remember … Continued

February 4, 2018: Still Five

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Pretty good fricking Super Bowl, eh?  Yeah, it was good to see the Patriots lose.  Call me a hater, but that was the main objective on this Super Bowl Sunday, regardless of who the other team was… well, there would … Continued

February 3, 2018: Let It Begin

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Let it begin.  Today marked the start of our floor hockey season.   It was time to get our shirts, strap on our helmets, and play our season opening double header.  I was ready. I had a twinge of nervousness…hoping … Continued

February 2, 2018: Not Acceptable

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A trip to Vancouver… playing the lowly Canucks… a playoff spot 4 points out of reach… on a 3 game point streak… It was all setup for the Hawks to keep the good vibrations going, but they flopped.  That’s not … Continued

February 1, 2018: Good Bye Niko

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So GarPax actually listened to me, and followed up and through with the trading of Nikola Mirotic for a first round pick.  Bravo. Over the years, I’ve been all over the place with Niko.  Initially, I thought the Bulls should … Continued