March 29, 2018: It Began

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Hey, what’s up.  Where have you been?  Where were you for Opening Day? I was at work.  Yeah, I was going to work from home so that I could catch the Cubs opener at 11:30am on Thursday.  I even had … Continued

March 28, 2018: Cubs Sox Guess

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I saw a question somewhere… maybe on Twitter.  it went like this:  What is more likely?  The Cubs winning the World Series or the Sox finishing above 500. Picking any team to win the World Series is a risky proposition.  … Continued

March 27, 2018: Baseball Preview

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I’ve started to see everyone’s picks for the wild card, division, league, and championship series, better known as the World Series.  So I figured I might as well throw my hat in the ring, and give my picks in my … Continued

March 26, 2018: Offseason

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This was the first weekend that went by in a while without a game for my son.  We pretty much went from baseball to basketball to floor hockey, and now, we get a month off before baseball begins again.  What … Continued

March 25, 2018: Lesser of Two Evils

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So Loyola really did it.  They’re headed to the Final Four.  So what’s next, besides Sister Jean bobble head dolls.  First up, Michigan. It wasn’t the beat down of the previous round, but they did enough to punch their ticket … Continued

March 24, 2018: Ramble On

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Who doesn’t have Loyola fever?  Yes, the bandwagon is getting really full, and Loyola is headed to the Final Four in San Antonio after knocking off Kansas State.  Who would have thunk it? I did pick them to win first … Continued

March 23, 2018: Fantasy Retooling

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It was one of the funnest days of the year… our fantasy baseball league draft.  It kind of snuck up on me this year, with lots of crap going on at work and at home.  I didn’t look at anything … Continued

March 22, 2018: Transition

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I wonder how many people knew about the transition tag…  I don’t claim to know the most about the ins and outs of that stuff, but I know my fair share.  I know plenty about the franchise tag, but when … Continued

March 21, 2018: Feeling Strong

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It seems like forever since I talked about the Cubs… I did write about missing Jake and how I can’t get into Spring Training, but believe you me, the excitement for the regular season to get started is bubbling.  It … Continued

March 20, 2018: Hard Times

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This has been a rough stretch.  It’s been a long time since the Bulls AND the Blackhawks have sucked.  This will be the first year the Blackhawks miss the playoffs in 10 years; this is only the second time in … Continued