September 29, 2017: Mouthpiece

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Back to the Bears Packers game for a minute…now that I’ve finished by Glennon rant; I did have some other thoughts.  Plus, I better get all the non-Cubs posts in that I can before next week. I’d love to do … Continued

September 28, 2017: Getting Tired

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Why was I fighting it?  I tried to take a quick nap during the rain delay… that didn’t help.  I was still fighting to keep my eyes open.  But why?  Why was I forcing myself to stay up to watch … Continued

September 27, 2017: 157 and In

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That felt good.  Once I saw that Addison Russell HR stay fair down the third base line, I knew the game was ours.  Ding dong the Cardinals are dead is what I sent out.  Adding two more in the frame … Continued

September 26, 2017: The Loneliest Number

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After splitting the first two games in St. Louis, and seeing Milwaukee hang on to win their game, the Cubs magic number is now 1.  One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do… I was ready to celebrate on … Continued

September 25, 2017: Carrying Glennon

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I know, I know.  I should just be happy that the Bears won one.  I am, please don’t misunderstand me.  But it was a win in spite of Glennon.  Remember all those games we won in spite of our quarterback? … Continued

September 24, 2017: Business Handled

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We had some business to attend to this weekend in Milwaukee.  A series split would be the bare minimum.  After winning the first 2 games of the series, we were guaranteed of that.  Anything now was gravy. I forgot they … Continued

September 23, 2017: Extra Helping

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As if the first game wasn’t exciting enough, the second game brought more of the same.  Game two Friday night vs the Brewers gave us another extra helping of baseball, going to extra innings for the second straight night. And … Continued

September 22, 2017: Game On

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I get a feeling that the Cubs have been waiting all year for a game like this.  A game that gets that blood pumping.  A game that feels like the postseason.  A game that feels like last year’s postseason.  A … Continued

September 21, 2017: Only One Way Up

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I know it’s the Blackhawks, not the Bulls, that just played their first preseason game.  I’m just not ready to talk hockey yet.  Frankly, I’m not ready to talk basketball yet either… especially about this year’s Bulls, but… yes, we’ll … Continued

September 20, 2017: A Great Loss

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And no, I am not talking about the Cubs losing to the Rays… breaking their 7 game winning streak… ending the dream of finishing the season with 19 wins in a row.  No, that pretty much sucked.  Lester rocked again?  … Continued

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