January 31, 2018: Don’t Stop Trying

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I saw some good news… then some bad news.  I thought we had traded Niko Mirotic for essentially a first round pick from the Pelicans.  I was so happy.  Then the deal fell through; don’t tell me GarPax is going … Continued

January 30, 2018: 2nd Half Here We Come

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THAT’S the way to start off the 2nd half of the season.  What a nice win that was in Nashville on Tuesday night, especially nice because it was beating those Predators on their home ice.  I don’t care that Rinne was … Continued

January 29, 2018: Super Pick

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OK, I’m not going to wait any longer.  It’s 6 days to the game, but I’m going to make my Super Bowl pick today. I didn’t do too bad in the playoffs from an ATS perspective.  4-5-1 is still a … Continued

January 27, 2018: Getting Game Ready

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Saturday brought the final official practice of the season for the Shark kids.  The real games start next week.  I’m starting to get excited about this whole hockey thing. Remember, I really didn’t play a lot of hockey growing up… … Continued

January 25, 2018: Food for Thought

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Did you see the article the other day about the food at the new Falcons stadium in Atlanta?  That was one of the coolest things I’ve read in a while. Actually, I’m not even sure if it was full article, … Continued

January 23, 2018: Coming to the Realization

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It’s not easy… coming to the realization… that the Blackhawks are not going to make the playoffs.  Too soon? Unfortunately, I tuned into their first game back on Saturday night vs the Islanders and Monday night vs the Lightning.  Coming … Continued