November 9, 2017: Just Average?

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Say it ain’t so.  I just know… I know, know, know, that the Blackhawks are NOT just average, right? After the loss on Thursday night, the Hawks are 500.  At 7-7-2, they are just that, average, through the first almost … Continued

November 8, 2017: Starting Early

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Ever since he was born, I knew I would be teaching him right vs wrong.  I’m glad to see those moments when all my hard work pays off.  There was a great example this week… It’s very important to teach … Continued

November 7, 2017: J Hey

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Congratulations to Jason Heyward for winning another gold glove.  He is awesome on defense; there is no argument there.  His fielding, his throwing, his speed… an elite defender he is.  Is that enough to not want him gone? Wait, there’s … Continued

November 6, 2017: Bears Packers Week

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There’s a certain ring to it; there always has been.  Bears Packers Week.  Yes, it’s been rough… for a long time… We’ve been getting our skulls bashed in; Green Bay has caught us in the overall series record.  It’s been … Continued

November 5, 2017: More Like It

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Coming off a horrible fantasy week that I discussed earlier, I needed to bounce back.  My team scored a league high 175 points this week as I moved the record to 4-5.  I sit in 7th place, just outside the … Continued

November 4, 2017: That Shining Moment

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It’s been a rough year for the Timber Pups, my 4-6 year old basketball team.  Saturday was the next chapter in our season to remember; we only had 3 kids show up for the game.  We had to borrow a … Continued

November 2, 2017: Happy Anniversary

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I told this to my brother as he walked into work on this day.  Another guy asked, what anniversary?  My brother knew.  It was one year ago today that the Cubs won the 1st World Series in our lifetimes.  I … Continued

November 1, 2017: The Last Day

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I remember many people saying that when the Cubs finally won the World Series that the good Lord could come and take them.  They would be totally fine with that day, being the last day, they were alive on this … Continued