April 11, 2018: Tankfully Over

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The Bulls season quietly came to an end on Wednesday.  27-55 was the final count.  Worst record in 14 years, but not bad enough to get to the top of the Tank standings.  They finished tied for the 6th worst record in basketball.  Maybe we can get lucky again and get the overall number one pick.

We’re putting a lot of stock in that first round pick.  That pick will be expected to step right in and start.  How confident are you in Garpax to make the right call with wherever we end up?  I’ll give it to them… Markkanen was a great pick.  Maybe they can make it two in a row?

Back to this season… and I feel like this is the last time I ever want to mention this season… it sucked.  It started off promising enough.  After being picked to finish last in the NBA in the preseason, our expectations were rock bottom.  I didn’t expect anything from this team.  I was prepared for the horrible basketball.  But then the Bulls showed a little promise early.  After their horrendous start, they started playing good basketball.  It was a pleasant surprise.  We knew they couldn’t keep that up.

And that was OK…  We saw enough promise out of the players that we expect to be back next season.  I already mentioned Lauri, but there was Dunn, who struggled his rookie year under Thibs, that played surprisingly well.  Yes, he was inconsistent, but I saw enough to believe he’s got to be part of the future here.  Then there was Lavine.  After sitting him for the start of the season, he came back, and played well… for a bit.  Another inconsistent performer, but what did we expect.  The guy is coming off an ACL injury.  The fact that we saw flashes were enough, no?  They should have been at least for this year.

I was happily surprised with Lavine too, but… I’m not saying he’s a #1 star OK.  Yeah, I know I can’t let shit go, but Butler was the #1 star; we traded him.  We did not get back a #1 star, period.  Maybe Lauri can be that guy; maybe Lavine can.  We haven’t seen that yet.  With all the Big 3 talk in the NBA, our 3 aren’t so great.  They’re solid, but we still need THE guy.

And that brings us back to the draft.  If we stay true to the seeding, and get the 6 pick, can we still get THE guy.  Obviously, the more we improve our position, the better chance we have of getting THE guy.  Have the Bulls already identified somebody?  If so, they should do what they have to do to get him.  Trade our #1 pick and the Pelicans #1 pick and whoever else really; the only guy I think is truly untouchable is Markkanen.  But I thought that about Butler too…

If we can get that #1 guy, like we had in Butler, then go for it.  Why did we trade away a #1 guy?  I still don’t understand or agree with it.  If you have THAT guy, you build around him…. not trade to try to replace him.  Are two #2’s and a #3 better than 1 #1?

That will all shake itself out next year.  The biggest thing I hope for is that we are done with tanking.  It was pathetically obvious; yes, I know we weren’t the only ones.  But to get back to trying to win everything game… that would be refreshing.  To let our “big” 3 plus 1 develop and see what we really have will be interesting.  Will the Bulls be joining some of these other young teams in the playoffs next year?  See you next year; this season is tankfully over.  Go Bulls!

  1. MK

    Tankfully over…nice! I agree. I hope this is the last year the Bulls and fans need to deal with it. It sucks big time. I think I predicted less than 30 wins and was right. Yet, the Bulls could not tank enough to get a top 5 pick. Does it matter? Maybe, maybe not. Will the Bulls want to trade up? Only time will tell. Yes, Markk looks like he is going to be good for a bunch of years, but I do not see him being a #1 superstar. I do not see that for Lavine, either, if he is kept. The Bulls will have to get their #1 via free agency. If they can draft well again, and maybe land a #1 stud via free agency, there is no reason to think the playoffs should be an immediate goal in the weaker east. Goodluck this offseason garpaxberg! GO BULLS!!!

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