April 13, 2018: Futile Effort

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Following up in the spirit of the last blog, we’re going to try to determine who we want to win the NBA Finals.  With the Bulls nowhere in sight, which team would I be OK with winning it all.  Like the NHL Playoffs, it’s an easy start.

Anybody but the Cavs…  I’ve written 2 Hate Files about LeBron James already for anyone who doesn’t know my feelings about this guy.  Lately, with all the stuff people are pushing, trying to put the Queen above MJ… it just makes me sick.  A couple of the latest are the double digit scoring streak that he surpassed MJ in…  Of course, that does not include playoff games, which are more important than regular season games (duh!), nor does it factor in all the games he’s taken off and rested over the years.  And then there’s the whole, well he played 82 games this year… yeah, for the first time in his career?  MJ did it 9 times, and didn’t have to brag about it.  But that was back in the day when taking games off/resting was pretty unheard of.  OK, I’m going to stop here… but if the Cavs were to win… I’d have to channel my hate…

So now on to the second level of teams that I do NOT want to see win.  I guess there are some similar concepts in making this determination.  Any teams that the Bulls have faced recently, or historically, where animosity has been built up.  That eliminates the Wizards, Heat, Pacers, and Celtics.  In the West, that means the Warriors, Trail Blazers, and Jazz.  Yes, the Warriors of course for the 73 win season and recent success, but we’re going back to the 1975 conference finals too.

Now on to the third tier; again, finding reasons to not root for teams is easy for me.  I definitely won’t be rooting for the Rockets.  This goes back to all those folks who think they would have beat the Bulls in 1994 & 1995 if Jordan hadn’t retired… haha…  sorry folks, it would have been 8 straight.  And the Spurs are out too.  Yeah, 5 franchise titles puts them right behind us… no need for them to tie us in that category.  That brings it down to 6 teams that I would not mind winning the title.  Let’s try to hack that down a bit more.

Thunder are out.  I may have kept them in this list if Taj was still there, but… not a big fan of Westbrook in general.  That leaves the Pelicans & Wolves out West, and the Sixers, Bucks, and Raptors out East.  This is a bit harder than I thought…  Not quite as easy as the NHL side of things.  OK, I’m eliminating the Bucks considering the bulk of their fan base are probably Packer fans too; sorry Greek Freak, I really like you, but… you’re out.  That leave Toronto and Philly out East, and let me just say this… if either of these teams could take out the Cavs, they’ll have a special place in my heart…  Toronto IS the 1 seed… but… I think Philly has the best chance to beat the Cavs, plus I really like Ben Simmons game.  I’m going with Philly coming out of the East.

The choice out West isn’t THAT hard, who am I kidding.  Yes, the Pelicans have Anthony Davis, just a kid from Chicago, and Niko and Rondo, but… it’s the Timber Bulls of course.  Thibs, Buckets, Taj, and Rose… yes, a Wolves Sixers matchup would be most satisfying.

And from there, it’s easy.  Go Timberwolves!  Unfortunately, I believe this is all a futile effort, as the Cavs and the Warriors will most likely meet again, and make me want to throw up.  But hey, you never know… here’s hoping… and here’s hoping the Bulls will be back in this conversation next year.

  1. MK

    The nba playoffs are nowhere near the nhl playoffs, and with the Bulls on another early vacation, I will watch even less basketball than hockey. All I want is for the cavs and lebum to get eliminated. Is this the year someone in the east does it? I sure hope so. Going with that, I am fine with anyone else taking out the cavs in the east. Assuming that happens, I like philly and the raps. Could it be the raps year? Sure, they make the finals. As for the west, I like the tpups, too, but no way do I think they beat the rockets. I do like the brow and the pels, but who am I kidding? If I had money to bet, it would be on the warriors vs cavs…AGAIN! How sick is that? Hopefully, the raps and rockets surprise us and end up in the finals instead. If so, go raps! Once again, F them all. Come back strong Bulls!

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