April 14, 2018: Never Give Up

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It’s something I’m trying to instill in my boy at a young age.  Never give up…  the Cubs helped me get my point across today.  When I sat down to watch the game, it was the bottom of the 8th inning… nice timing huh?

It was a long day.  Today would have been THE perfect day to sleep in.  We were out late last night… went to dinner and to see Hamilton.  Awesome, awesome show by the way… when it first started, I wasn’t sure… but by the end of the 2nd song, I was hooked.  We had a really nice time.  So, that meant my son was my one of the grandparents; this time it was my mother in law… in either case, he’d be up later than normal.  So again, did not want to get out of bed today, but… it was time for the dentist.

My son did well; she beat the crap out of my teeth.  Guess it was a down 6 months for the whole flossing thing…  From there to breakfast, Jewel, Toys R Us, and Target before finally getting back home.  I was beat, and man was it a crappy day out.  Just horrible… and it’s April 14th for God’s sake…

So I knocked out for a while.  When I got up, my wife told me the Cubs were getting slaughtered; guess I wasn’t missing anything.  Messed around for a while, walked the dog, and then sat down to watch a little TV.  Return of the Jedi was on… but, I wanted to watch the end of the Cubs game.  It didn’t matter that they were losing 10-5 in the 8th inning.  I was going to get a little time with the Cubs in today.  My wife went to go work out, and I sat down to watch with my son.

I asked him… do you think the Cubs can come back?  Or, are they done?  He didn’t really give me an answer… but, when we’re watching any non-Chicago game, and he picks a team to root for, if that teams starts losing, then he’ll start rooting for the other team.  I tell him that’s not right, but since it’s not OUR teams, whatever… But it was a perfect example to him…  that just because you’re losing, just because you’re down and apparently out, never give up.  It’s not over ’til it’s over… we’ve seen this plenty of times on both sides of it.  We were on the right side of it today.

I’ll tell you what:  Baez in big spots has been big.  The big playoff ABs, the late inning hits… he is a wild swinger, but when the game is on the line, it seems to slow down for him.  It did again today.  Once Zobrist drew the walk, and that was after Contreras beat out an infield single, it was Baez up… he represented the go ahead run.  Of course that would be great, but.. all we needed was a hit to keep this 2 out rally going… a hit would certainly bring in 2 runs.  Well, he got a hit all right… I’m not sure if I’ve seen a laser like that, one that rolled through the gap and to the wall so quickly in a long time.  He cleared the bases, I jumped up started screaming, and scared the crap out of my son; he’s better, but he’s not totally used to my craziness… haha.

The Cubs went on to tack on a few more, and top of a 9 run inning with a 14-10 lead.  Now only if they can hold it… they did; big time W.  I hope that this is one of those games my son remembers, for many more reasons just than this one single victory.  I know this will be on my list.  Now time to watch the replay later tonight…  Hell yeah!  Go Cubs!!!

  1. MK

    Never give up is right. You just never know. Down 10-2 early. Saw a bases loaded with nobody out that the Cubs only scored 1 run on. That would not be the case in the bottom of the 8th. Walks, hit batters, a few hits, and some little league errors by the braves helped the Cubs have a 9 run inning to erase a 5 run deficit. Baez’ base clearing double was a laser indeed…that ball hit the gap and flew to the wall! Everybody run for days. How crappy has the weather been so far? Wow, don’t remember so many April games getting postponed across the league. The Cubs were able to get this game in despite the bad weather, and what a comeback W it was! One to remember for sure and point reiterated in never giving up! GO CUBS GO!!!

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