April 15, 2018: Nagy Mojo

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With the Cubs game cancelled today, what better time to talk some more about yesterday’s instant classic.

I did watch the replay to catch some of the stuff that happened before that 8th inning, where I picked it up live Saturday afternoon.  The Cubs had already chipped away, with 1 run in the 6th, and 2 in the 7th.  Not quite a 9 spot, but every run helped.  You know what else helped?  The person who sang the 7th inning stretch.

Yeah, yeah, that had nothing to do with it, right?  Well, pardon me if I want to buy into a little bit of that Nagy mojo.  The new Bears head coach and his sons sang the 7th inning stretch.  At that time, it was a football score; 10-3 Braves.  The Cubs put up a FG, TD, and 2 pt conversion after the stretch, to end in another football score of 14-10.  I love it.

I don’t care if you’re not a Cubs fan, but if you’re a Bears fan, let’s get excited about this.  You know, whatever this guy touches turns to gold type stuff.  In a funny twitter line, the Bears told the Cubs any time they needed Nagy to sing the stretch, let them know, and why not?  Maybe he can sing it for the Sox too?  I’ll file this one away, and if/when the Cubs get to the postseason, and are looking for someone to make a return appearance, Nagy is the guy!

Don’t think he answered any questions regarding Cameron Meredith.  I was thinking that the Bears would match the offer and keep him.  When he played 2 years ago, he definitely showed flashes.  With the WR position still being an area of need, and with money not being an issue right now with the Bears, meaning, they could have afforded it, I thought Cam would be coming back.  But.. it did not happen.  You have to think Nagy had some input there.  And at this point, with everything that has went on with the Bears in the offseason, and now with this contribution to a Cubs classic, I’m rolling with Nagy, until otherwise proven wrong.  We have to.

I hope he took some notes during the Cubs comeback.  That same lesson I hope to teach my son, is an important one for any team… one which should be part of the Bears culture… never give up!  Always believe that you have a chance to win the game.  Part of that belief comes in the attitude that you play with, you know, respect 90 and all.  Play hard, start to finish, whistle to whistle… give it your all, and you won’t regret it.  It was one guy after the other yesterday who contributed.  Mega star Kris Bryant working an impressive AB before getting hit.  Contreras busting it down the line to keep the inning alive.  LaStella coming off the bench cold and getting a hit and walk in the inning.  Schwarby, off the bench too, coming up with a nice AB the second time around that inning.  Example after example of guys believing, and buying into the winning culture; if only that can transfer to the Bears… we’d be some happy campers.

With the Hawks and Bulls out of the postseason, and the Sox still a year away from contending for a postseason berth, it could be the Bears that are the next team to follow the Cubs to the postseason.  Hey, hopefully the Cubs can return the favor when the Bears invite them to a home game after they claim their 2nd World Series championship, and give the Bears some mojo.  Settling into Cubs season, but very excited about Bears football.  Go Cubs, Go Bears!

  1. MK

    Nagy did work his mojo heading to the bottom of the 7th! He was really into it and tried pumping up what was left of the crowd on this crappy day. He did a good job, and what do you know, 11 runs in the 2 innings after he sings and a Cubs W! If only you can continue that magic with the Bears. Not that the Cubs don’t need help, but the Bears need more. Stay focused on that Nagy. You are off and running with the Bears. Free agency is in full swing with the draft right around the corner. I have to think Nagy saw something with Meredith that contributed to him signing elsewhere with no counter from the Bears. All we can do now is trust in Nagy. He is the guy to lead the Bears back to the playoffs. Believe in Bears football just like we do in Cubs baseball! Yes, the Cubs are playing average ball right now, but you have to believe better days are ahead…same can be said for Nagy and the Bears!

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