April 3, 2018: Tradition Continues

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So many traditions that I want to pass down to my son…  One thing I’ve been doing is saving the ticket to every Chicago game we go to.  It’s not as easy as you think, with a lot of stuff going electronic, but so far I have all of them.  Another one is trying to schedule our family vacations around a baseball game; that was always fun back when I was growing up.  I want to take that one to the next level, and like many other folks, try to see the Cubs play in each and every MLB ballpark.  It was time to cross another one of our list.

His spring break was slated for the week after Easter.  We definitely wanted to get away for a few days, and wouldn’t you know, that the Cubs were on the road, and in striking distance of a quick road trip.  The fact that his birthday was on April 3rd, made it a perfect choice, at least in my mind.  We were going to see the Cubs Reds play in Cincinnati on his birthday.  I saw the Cubs play in Cincinnati about 30 plus years ago on my birthday too…

So we headed east… really smooth trip.  We headed to the zoo for starters; the Cincinnati Zoo is the 2nd oldest zoo in the US.  I finally looked up what the oldest was… the Philadelphia Zoo.  Anyways, half a day there, a stop at a local chicken joint, and some time in the pool was a nice first day.  As I looked at the predicted weather for Tuesday night, it did not look good…

After free breakfast, we headed out to this indoor fun park; go karts, mini golf, mini bowling, and many games kicked off his birthday properly.  My wife came through in the clutch as she won this Superman doll in one of those claw games.  Lunch at Steak n Shake, and back to the hotel to get ready to go to the game.

We got there as the gates opened, ready to enjoy this new stadium.  The guys never made it on the field.  The first delay was about an hour, before they announced the game would be PPD.  Not sure if we’ll make it back on May 19th for the makeup date.  I was so pissed, because I think I had the best seats I ever had for a baseball game.  The closest I’ve been was about 10 rows behind the dugout a couple times, and then about a dozen rows behind home plate.  We were seven rows off the field… practically right next to the Cubs dugout.  Besides the late innings in old Comiskey where we were able to run down to the field, this was as good as it got.  It just wasn’t meant to be.

Unfortunately, this is the 2nd type of this occurrence; not necessarily a tradition I want to continue.  In our visit to PNC Park, we only saw 2 innings before the game was called.  So although we have the tickets, and we’ve been to both Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, we didn’t see a complete game; does it still count?

At the end of the day, it’s not that important.  We had a ball walking around the park, taking pictures in front of the park, and just having fun together as a family; I just wanted to make his birthday a memorable one.  Although we didn’t get to meet any Cubs, get any balls or autographs, or even cheer after the Cubbies scored a run, we still had a lot of fun… that’s what I hope he remembers, regardless of which traditions, old or new, we decide to run with.  Happy Birthday my boy!

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  1. MK

    Traditions are such an important part of having great memories. We certainly did growing up so we try to instill many of the same traditions with some of our own mixed in for our families. Baseball games as part of family vacations were always great. Seeing a different ballpark, even if one of the Chicago teams was not playing, was always cool. It sucks that this year’s road trip/birthday baseball game got rained out, especially with such great seats. A quick 1 nighter for the 5/19 makeup game would be cool. Either way, I’m sure he had a blast for his birthday, and those memories will be ones he will remember, not that the game got rained out.

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