April 6, 2018: Pumping the Brakes

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Yeah, I rode the Brewers pretty hard after that first game whooping we gave them.  I was feeling pretty good about things after seeing the Cubs play like we expected them too.  Well, Friday night the Brewers got even.

You ever talk a lot of crap and then it gets turned right around on you?  It’s happened too many times over the years.  That’s why it’s never good to be too cocky.  Things can turn in a heartbeat.  Plus, if you’re like me, you don’t want to jinx your club by talking too much ying yang.

I’ve been very superstitious with my teams over the years.  I always feel like something I do, or something I don’t do will impact the game I’m watching.  It gets even worse as the games gets bigger.  It used to be a lot worse.

During that magical 85 Bears season, I don’t seem to recall many superstitions.  Maybe it was because I was too young for that stuff.  Or, maybe it was because the Bears were so damn good, we knew they couldn’t lose.  Yet, we were pumping the brakes after that Miami loss; good thing they weren’t, as they proceeded to film the Super Bowl Shuffle the day after that loss.  I remember the tears that night as I stood up way past my bedtime, seeing the undefeated season come to an end.  And when the Patriots took that 3-0 lead in the Super Bowl, there was a slight twinge of worry…this can’t be happening, right?  Right.  First championship in my lifetime in the books.

Next up was the Bulls.  Every year, playing basketball in my house, whether it was a nerf hoop or a balloon into a lamp shade, I’d tell myself if I made this shot, the Bulls would win.   Then when I missed, it was if I make THIS shot, the Bulls will win.  Well, all those made shots finally added up to something in 1991.  First Bulls title in the books…then there was another, and another…each one with less stress, less worry, less superstitious.   Having MJ helped a lot there.

The Blackhawks were next in 2010.  What a great ride that was.  The first one always is.  Lots of worry in the playoffs, especially against the Preds.  Once we got past that series, the confidence bubbled.  Playing Philly brought some tense moments.  With the clinching game at hand, I invited my father and brother to watch this potentially historic game together.   Would that throw off the mojo?  No, that WAS the mojo.  I watched 2013 with my dad too.  And 2015… I actually was picking up my wife from her night class.  After all, if I didn’t do that, that would definitely be bad mojo, right?  I couldn’t ruin it for everybody just because I wasn’t pinned in front of the set.

Finally, the Cubs…talk about uber superstious.  The wearing of the same hat for every fricking game….that smelly thing.  The jerseys spread out all over our condo.  The refusal to watch the game anywhere else but right there on my couch.   Haha.  Yeah, the last of the firsts.

And now, the crap talking, the confidence, the cockiness, comes a little easier…a little less hesitation.  Still, I try not to do it too much…I still want more titles after all.  So I’ll try to be as humble as I can, but it’s hard.  The good thing is that there are many games, many seasons that bring you back down to earth.  Friday night in Milwaukee, the Brewers celebrated like they won the pennant.   They evened the series; they bounced right back.  Lucky win?  Maybe it was…or maybe it was just another reminder how talking crap will blow up on you.   What do you believe?


  1. MK

    Talking crap and having it fly back at you happens. Never good to be overly confident, but it is important to have confidence and faith in your teams and what they can do. Superstitions also run wild with me and my teams. I don’t really remember DA Bears in 85 since I was only 6, but I do remember celebrating like we already won when Hester returned the opening kickoff. We all know how that Super Bowl ended up. With MJ, the Bulls were as close to money as there is. The guy would just not let his teams lose…wouldn’t even let the Finals get to a game 7 just to make sure nothing “weird” went on. The Bhawks in the playoffs meant wearing the same color jerseys and growing out the beard. This has been missed the last 2 seasons. As for the Cubs, things were ridiculous in 2016. Where I sat, what matching jersey, should I drink, what kind of beer, shot before the game, Cubs clothes all over the house…the list could go on and on…pretty crazy! Whatever your beliefs, know that being over confident usually ends up in a bad storm, like a lawnmower cutting grass in a poop infested lawn!

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