December 2, 2017: Winless Playoff Team

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Have you ever heard of a winless playoff team?  Well, my TimberPups were trying to avoid that description in our last regular season game.  I found out before the game that we would be in the playoffs regardless.

The game was a rematch of our personal best game of the year.  This would represent our last and potentially best chance to win a game on our schedule.

We got there just before game time; it was slow going this morning.  When we arrived, there was only one other teammate there and the lights weren’t working either.  Eventually a total of seven kids showed up, the lights came on, and the game started about 20 minutes late.

The game was there for us early.  Lots of shots not falling for both sides resulted in a 2-2 tie at the half.  It should have been 4-2 our lead.

As the clock winds down each quarter, the scoreboard keeper holds it at one second until the team that has the ball loses possession.  Well, that’s how it works most of the time.  Of course the time that we actually get an offensive rebound and make the second shot, is the time the horn sounded early. I mean, we’ve barely scored 20 points all year and we end up getting jobbed on a hoop.  That is our season.

The second half began and we went down 4-2.  That’s the way the game ended.  Many shots on the rim, only one falling; two if you count the shot before the half.  But they didn’t, and we ended the regular season with zero wins.

My son played well.  He always is among the best dribblers on the court.  Today he was making some nice passes too.  He was also the rebound king.  Every missed shot seemed to find him; he gobbled those boards up.  He even went to the ground for one where he ripped it out of the other kids grip.  Nicely done!  The only thing missing from his game is shooting.  You can’t make a shot if you don’t take one.  We’ll get there.

In the playoffs, we didn’t get lucky enough to play the same team again.  We’re matched up with a powerhouse.  If there was a line on the game, we’d probably be catching at least 8 points.  Will we shock the world?

Unless they let me play for a couple minutes, it’s probably not going to happen, but…I’ll hold out hope.  I always do.

  1. MK

    A winless playoff team? Only in kid sports…hahaha. And why not, let the kids have some fun. Sucks that the horn sounded early and cost the tpups a tie. Sounds like a tough matchup next week, but that is why you play the game. Shots need to start falling sometime, and what better week than the playoffs as a heavy dog. Shock the world tpups!

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