December 3, 2017: Good As Gould

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I don’t know how many times I’ve sent this text message to my brother while Robbie was with the Bears.  You knew when we ran him out there, there was a very good chance that he would make the kick.  Yes, he went through a rough patch in his last year with us, but nothing to erase all those successful kicks.  There was a time when he was the offensive MVP.  I can’t believe I forgot he was coming back to Soldier Field this Sunday.

When I saw him before the game, I smiled.  I knew he’d get a good ovation before his first attempt.  Little did I know that he would get and make four more kicks, and single handedly beat the Bears.  Good for him.

I was happy that he stuck it to us; hoping Buckets does the same when he comes back.  He didn’t want to leave the Bears.  In fact, he said he’ll still make his home here after his NFL career is over.  He’ll probably have a spot on anyone of the dozen local Bears shows.  I don’t think he threw that away with this performance or his celebration afterwards.  He was looking right at the Bears sideline.  Who was responsible for letting him go?  Who had the final say there?  Who can I slap?

It’s fricking pathetic.  Losing to the Niners at home; getting beat by a kicker that you showed the door too.  Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if we had an NFL FG kicker on our roster.  For a team like the Bears with little room for error, every kick becomes that more important.  And we run out bum after bum… the guy this week wasn’t even in shape to kick; think he was hurt.  Misery.

As the Bears tried to make their last stand, I thought they would let them score.  Not a big fan of that philosophy, but… in that situation, where the Niners could run the clock all the way down for a gimme kick… let them run it in, and give ourselves a chance.  That seemed like a smart move, but we have to remember who is coaching this team.

As each week goes by, I get more and more sick of them.  There is no way, no how we should have lost this game.  There is more than enough talent on this team to get THIS win.  Looks like Fox and company are going all out in their scapegoat role.  Maybe the higher the pick, the bigger the golden parachute?  It sure feels like it.

As Robbie made the kick to pull the Niners to within two, I called it.  I said it sure feels like Robbie will beat us with a GW FG; not sure why it took me so long to guess that… If I had remembered he was coming back, maybe I would have predicted that.  Good as Gould was one of our favorites sayings… the Goulden Toe, you name it.  To see him come back and haunt us doesn’t get me mad at him… it gets me mad at everybody responsible for this disaster; there is plenty of blame to go around.  When are we going to do something about it?  Why wait any longer?  Because of the fall guys getting that bigger golden parachute for executing these losses and getting a higher pick.  That’s my take.  Can’t wait to finally be done with all this BS, and actually be a good team again.  Bear Down!

  1. MK

    Good as Gould proves true again! This time to come back and bite the Bears by giving them a humiliating home loss vs the 49ers. Yes, he was not as automatic the last couple years with the Bears. Yes, he did miss some big kicks to cost the Bears some Ws, but how many countless times did he keep the Bears in a game and/or win it for them? The guy was as close to automatic as it gets. Maybe he was a little overpaid for being a kicker, but look at how the Bears have struggled since. Meanwhile, Robbie has missed 2 fgs in the last 2 years…go figure! Just another sore spot for this stumbling Bears franchise. Fox and Dowell continue to look like dumb and dumber as they race to be the first to get fired, which better be the case as soon as this year is over. Pace better get everything straightened out this offseason otherwise he is next. BEAR DOWN!!!

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