January 10, 2018: Mid Week Norm

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After the whole Bears head coaching thing, it was time to get back to the normal flow of the season.  I mean, I could have watched snippets of that press conference all night long.  The interview with CSN or NBC Chicago or whatever it is now, and their producer who grew up in the same small town as him was pure gold.  I’m not sure if I’m quite at the same level I was when Theo and Joe got into town, but it’s pretty close.  I’m getting really good vibes here.

Those good vibes continued with the Blackhawks game in Ottawa.  The big news pre-game was the healthy scratching of Seabs.  I don’t think you’d hear many objections to that.  He hasn’t been good.  I think I heard 1 goal and 10 assists in 40 plus games.  He’s really slow too.  And, and…he is under contract for six more years!!!  Six more years?!?!   Hey, I love Seabs and all…for everything he’s done over the years, the big goals, the big hits, the big part he played in the three cups…don’t tell me you forgot all that?  He’ll have a place in my heart forever.  But six more years?!?  That was a mistake.

The Hawks were skating circles around the Senators.  Seabrook wouldn’t have made a difference either way in this one.  And Panik, got his first goal in forever, what would turn out to be his last goal as a Blackhawk.  Kane with 5 points, Schmaltz, Toews with 2 goals each; it was pad your stats day…8-2 final.  And, and…into the 2nd wild card position we went.

Onto the next night, another night where both our Hawks and Bulls were playing at almost the same time.  The Bulls game was exciting…again.   I’m going to say that right now, there are more exciting Bulls games than not.  Double OT on this night.  The kid with a career high in points.   It was fun, and they got the win.  Then it was on to the Hawks…

And the night ended on a down note.  Another tough loss at the UC to a Western Conference foe.  And like that, they’re back on the outside looking in.  It’s crazy that a couple losses could put them back in last place, while a couple wins could put them back in the playoff picture.  Hold on tight.

I’m happy with each win, from each team; that’s why we watch, but…wins for the Hawks are more important than wins for the Bulls.  Hearing so much about this draft class…the Bulls have to get a piece of this.  And Lavine is coming back!!!  That’s a problem.  We’re only 5 days from trading Niko.  I think we may need to throw in someone, like RoLo to get that good first round pick.   Two first round picks in one of those special drafts…adding those guys to Dunn, Markkanen, and Lavine.  Next year could be good.

Meanwhile, the Hawks need every point they can get.  Trading Bulls wins for Hawks wins is something I’d do all day this year.  I’d like them both to win every game of course.

So it was back to the mid week norm, and 2 wins and 1 loss.  I guess we’ll settle for that.  Until the next one:  Go Bulls, Go Hawks!

  1. MK

    Seabs for 6 more years is scary. Personally, I think he is not in good shape. I might be wrong, but I think he needs to work his ass off to get better conditioned and quicker. He will never be fast and never has been. That is fine, but he just seems slow and lackadaisical out there. The sens healthy scratch got him the only Hawks goal the next night vs the wild. Too bad the Hawks wasted 8 on the sens and only 1 vs the wild. Splitting games cannot continue. The Hawks need points in every game.
    As for the Bulls, how about the kid Markk? WOW. What a performance he put on in MSG! 33 points and 10 boards, plus a poster over kanter…nasty dunk! The important thing, the Bulls got the 2ot W. Lavine ready to come back on Sat. Bulls only 6.5 games out of the last playoff spot…hahaha. Pump the brakes? Ok, just saying. Bulls have moves to be made, but the young Bulls are making moves on the court, too. Keep it up boys!

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