January 2, 2018: Picking Mr Right

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Now that Fox is gone, let the search begin.  Who will be the next coach of the Chicago Bears?  Who do YOU want to be the next coach of the Chicago Bears?

I’ve been talking with some people about this the last few days; there is no one guy that sticks out.  I guess McDaniels is the first one that comes to mind.  He’s had a shot; one of Belicheat’s disciples wanted it all in Denver, got it, and flopped.  At the same time, he sent the Broncos QB packing… to us… who would hamstring us for the good part of the next decade.  Just for those connections alone, I say no.  Is he the best guy for the job?  I guess that’s all I want.

Offensive, defensive, special teams, old, young, experienced or not, it all doesn’t matter.  Just get that right guy; picking Mr. Right is not that easy.

There’s Shurmur OC from the VIkings, DeFilippo QB coach from the Eagles, Edwards DC from the Vikes, Nagy OC from the Chiefs, and Wilks DC from the Panthers.  Any of those guys suit your fancy?  What about the in-house option of Vic Fangio?  Or maybe you want Ditka back, or Jeff Fisher?  Haha…

Who will be pacing up and down that Bears sideline?  Will there be a sleeper that comes out of left field?  Gruden certainly looks like he’s headed back to Oak-Town.. at least until they move to Vegas.  Is the Bears job that attractive?

I was surprised to see it ranked so low.  Maybe it’s the Step Brothers combo of McCaskey and Phillips that will be looking over Pace’s shoulder during this process.  Pamb?  P-A-M-B?  That’s sort of ridiculous.  It’s all on Pace now.  This is his team, his QB, and now, let him pick his coach.  That’s why anybody who wants control of it all probably will not make the cut;  does that eliminate McDaniels?  Whoever this new guy is, he’ll have to work closely with Ryan… he’ll have to believe Mitch is the guy.  He’ll buy into this legacy franchise and its great fans.  He’ll enjoy the big city of Chicago, and deal with the big city media.  He’ll not only want to move the offense into this century, but he’ll realize how important a good defense is in this city.  I keep saying “he”… when will there be a female head coach?  That sure would get some attention.

What about Harbaugh?  He said no already, right?  If he did come, maybe Fangio would stay as DC; that would be sweet I think.  What Harbaugh did with Kaepernick back in the day was impressive?  Neither has been the same since.  The opportunity to work with a franchise QB should be an attractive one.  That’s IF they think Mitchell is the real deal; if they don’t, then they probably shouldn’t take this job.

I don’t have a number one candidate in mind.  I just know that this decision will be THE most important decision that Pace will make.  His job depends on it.  Our future depends on it.  No pressure Ryan.  Stay tuned… interviews happening soon.  Bear Down!

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  1. MK

    Mr. Right? I really don’t have anyone in mind…go figure. I do not really want someone who has never been a head coach. I include mcdaniels in that since he was a bust a few years ago. I agree that the head coach is the most important decision, but the offensive coordinator and qb coach come close behind. MTru needs somebody to accelerate his progression, plus the Bears need to move their offense into the current generation. Back to the head coach, a few names always come to mind…fisher, cower, rex ryan, harbaugh? I am going to throw a name out there who is a current head coach, and I have no idea what his deal is, but what about bringing tomlin here? Would that be too much? Would he want too much? Just saying, if he does not get Pit over the hump this year, maybe his time has come. Come to Chicago. Who knows. This just popped in my head and I have no idea what his situation is…just thinking he is a pretty damn good coach. Oh well, good luck pace…don’t F this one up. The Bears future depends on it. BEAR DOWN!!!

  2. Mo

    To me the BEARS are very attractive…big city, chip on the shoulder, young team, run things your way….instant fame…to me the only choice is Ron Rivera. This job was meant for him…locking him up for 5-7 years…wow. I know he is Carolina’s coach, but that team is in shambles and is up for sale. Rivera would sure up the defense and for years, that is what the BEARS have been built on. Why mess with what works…Defense plus 2 good RBs plus a young QB, mix in a few fresh faced WRs and your primed for a 11-5 season. Make it happen!

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