January 5, 2018: Stupid Scheduling

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I need to be part of the scheduling process in both the NBA and NHL.  There are certain cities that need to have special consideration.  Not cities like Cleveland or Indiana; they have no NHL teams.  Not Montreal or any other Canadian cities outside of Toronto, or Las Vegas, the Hawks opponent tonight; they don’t have any NBA teams.  But there are those cities, like the great city where I rest my head each night, where there needs to be special attention to the schedules.

Like Friday night for example; it shouldn’t happen.  Thursday was wide open, but no…both teams had to play on the same night.  Even if the Bulls played early and the Hawks late, or vice versa, but no…both teams started at the same exact time.  It makes for a challenging night with the remote…not wanting to miss a moment of each game, if I’m actually parked in front of the TV, which was exactly where I was at Friday night.

We started with the Hawks game; the anthem, duh.  Always a great way to start the game; I would have done the same if the Bulls were at home.  Not necessarily for the anthem singer at the Bulls game, but for the intros, which my son really likes.  After the anthem, we rode the Hawks game for a bit, then to the Bulls, and back to the Hawks, and back to the Bulls, all night long.

That was quite an onslaught that Vegas put on the Hawks early.  Geez, they were relentless, and grabbed a 2-0 lead because of it.  But another Vinnie goal, made it a one goal deficit after the first period.  Meanwhile, the Bulls were kicking some ass; I really liked the Bulls to win tonight.  When Barea was brought in, the Mavs started closing the gap.  They eventually grabbed the lead in the second half, and it was looking a bit shaky.

The Hawks meanwhile were engaged in quite the battle.  The first place Knights vs the last place Hawks; yes, no need to correct that crazy ass sentence.  The game was tied late.  The Bulls appeared to have sealed the deal before the Mavs started pressing.  They pulled within 1 point with 3 seconds left.  After 2 free throws by Holliday, the Mavs had the perfect play drawn up to send the game to OT; the shot caromed away, and the Bulls escaped.  The Hawks weren’t so lucky.

When I flipped back, the Golden Knights had snatched the lead.  Goalie to the bench, and the Hawks with the extra attacker with just under 2 to play.  They couldn’t get a good chance, until the last 15 seconds.  Tough, tough loss.

Dunn was the MVP of the night, with a career high 32 points to match his jersey number.  Kid looks good.  The highlight of the Hawks game for me was listening to Eddie O again.   Definitely miss him.  He really educates while he’s at work; can’t imagine there are many better.

Yeah, besides the stupid scheduling, it was a pretty fun evening.  Wish it would have been 2 wins, but we’ll take what we can get.  Until next time…Go Bulls, Go Hawks!

  1. MK

    The Hawks had a tough game in their welcome back to the UC. It did not help that they dug themselves a hole, but they fought out of it and had a lead in the 3rd that they could not hold. It would have been nice to get a point out of it but not to be. No time to feel bad, just time to get ready for the oilers and take care of business then.
    As for the Bulls, Dunn led them to a victory in dallas. Seemed like a pretty good game that I did not catch much of. He seems like he might be a keeper at point for the Bulls. Team him with lavine, once he is healthy enough to play…soon hopefully, and markk, and the Bulls might need a few more pieces to really compete. They may not be as far behind as we thought.
    As for the scheduling, I don’t like when the Bulls and Hawks are on at the same time, but better to have that problem than only 1 team to watch. If I’m in control of the remote during these times, switching back and forth is fun, too, as long as it isn’t all the time.

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