January 6, 2018: Bad Excuse

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The Bulls got their butts whipped on Saturday night.  It wasn’t even close.  The reason they lost was because they were playing the second in a back to back; well, that’s what the bad excuse was…

The NBA changed their scheduling to not have games on 3 consecutive nights this year.  So many players complaining about it.  God forbid you have to play a game three straight days.  It must be rough…

So now, we only get the back to backs.  But here we go…getting creamed on the back end of one of those brings out the excuses.  Really?  Come on…we’re better than that aren’t we?

I didn’t read stuff from the players after the game; maybe they didn’t say anything.  But I heard it from the announcers and post game guys; they had that excuse queued up seemingly before the Bulls started throwing the ball away.  The players must have had it in their minds too.  Why even play the game?

It’s a great tool for bettors.  Check the 2nd of the back to back and bet against that team.  I wonder how that team does ATS and straight up.  Is it just the Bulls on this Saturday night in Indianapolis against the juggernaut Pacers?  Or are there other teams who are just too tired to win a game the night after playing one?

How about the revenge angle?  The Bulls just recently beat the Pacers.  How about the fact that Oladipo was back for this game?  Some other pretty good “excuses” for the loss.  Or simply just chalk it up to one of those games.   But please, don’t bring out the back to back game excuse.

Next thing you know, there will be no more back to back games.  Then, there will be no consecutive road games;  God forbid you have to be on the road for more than one game at a time.  Just rest the guys in this spot then; that’s what these other teams do…that’s what today’s NBA superstars do.  Don’t stress yourself out too much during the regular season guys.  You’re not making that much money to push it out there…

Maybe I’m just getting old, but man do people have excuses.  I’m not immune to it; I can give you every excuse in the book if need be.   I get it.  So I guess the “excuse” of playing worse in a back to back game is valid; I guess I would just love for us not to use it.

Don’t tell me that you’re drained after playing the night before…a game that you love.  Don’t tell me I’m getting your B game because you just played.  Is it that hard to give your A game every game?  I guess there are days at work when I don’t give my best either…

This sort of has the feeling of a Hate File…I do feel another one brewing.  Let’s do that next.

  1. MK

    No such thing as a good excuse. Excuses are exactly that, excuses. I’m pretty sure we have all used an excuse for something in our lives. Teams that lose can have every excuse in the book. nba teams playing back to back nights now have the built in excuse. The pampered nba stars who get waited on hand and foot, fed whatever and whenever they want, and fly around in private or first class planes are too tired? Can’t play back to back nights? Give me a break. Just like everything nowadays, nba players are soft. They need nights off to rest. They don’t want to play back to back games. They want more days off around the all-star break. They want less games. They want new refs. Just STFU and play. You guys get paid ridiculously to play a game that you supposedly love. If that is the case, then what is the real issue? Shut up and man up! The not so fortunate fans pay good money to watch you clowns. The least you could do is bring your A game all the time…not too much to ask is it? This certainly does have that hate file feeling. Next please?

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