January 8, 2018: Mr. Right

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We can only hope that the Bears found Mr. Right when they announced their new head coach on Monday; welcome to Chicago Matt Nagy!

The first thing I thought was how to pronounce his name.  Is it NAGG-EE… like rhyming with baggie?  Is it NAY-JEE?  How about NAY-GEE, and is he related to Charles?   It sounds like it’s the first option; OK, first question answered.

My second thought was if I liked this choice; my first gut feeling is yes, and we’ll see.  He was in the top X number of candidates that the Bears were interviewing.  I wasn’t really biased to one guy or another.  I guess I’m happy that he was an OC, instead of a QB coach.  It’s good that he’s been around, and the fact that he learned under Andy Reid should prove to be a good thing.  Yes, I know he hasn’t won any Super Bowls as a head coach, but he’s had some damn good teams, and the guys from his “coaching tree” are pretty decent, like Gruden, Harbaugh, and most recently, Pederson from the Eagles.  He’s a good young (39 years old) offensive mind… a guy that can grow with Trubisky and this offense.  I think I would have preferred that instead of some re-tread coming in here… although experience does matter.

And some of Nagy’s experience is from the Arena Football League.  I’m sorry, but the first thing I think of was a previous coach who had experience in some other football league, the CFL.  Yes, Trestman was a disaster with the Bears; I definitely do not want to relive that.  What’s better the CFL or the AFL?  Forget it… I’m not going down that path.  His experience in the NFL should be enough… I hope.

A first time head coach is always taking a chance, but the great ones were first timers at some point too.  How will he get his staff together is my next question?  I already read that he’s liked Trubisky all along; that was a pre-requisite in the interviewing process.  If you weren’t on board with Mitch, you shouldn’t have even bothered interviewing.  Who will he pick as the OC?  I’m assuming Nagy will be doing the play calling?  And then what about the defense?  At this point, I hope they keep Fangio.  This will allow first time head coach Nagy to focus on one side of the ball; the one we so desperately need help with.  If he can trust Fangio, which I think he could, and let Vic worry about the defense, that would make this transition easier.

I didn’t really read a lot more on him… yet.  I have some articles lined up for when I get to my office.  I’m optimistic.  In general, I am, but at this point, how else can we feel?  Do you want to be mad at the Bears for not picking the guy who you, NFL expert, think they should have picked?  Are you so overjoyed with this choice because you think he’ll be the next Bill Walsh?  I’m neither; I’m trusting in Pace… after all, what other choice do I have?  It’s his ass on the line, and all of our lives.. haha, with this selection.  He’s tying his career to Nagy and Trubisky.  With that much importance on this decision, I have to think he did his due diligence.

I hope he did.  I’m excited to have somebody other than Fox.  I’m excited for the new blood.  I’m expecting to see an actual NFL offense next year; that gets me excited too.  We’re ready… we’re ready to be excited and to have that paid back with some wins and some playoff football.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask for… even from a first time head coach in his first year with a team.  Is it?  Bear Down!

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  1. Mo

    Seems like a good hire, but time will tell…so far the moves have been moving towards the right direction…lets hope they stay like these.

  2. MK

    My first reaction was who the hell is that? I mean, I knew the Bears were interviewing guys, but I was not paying that close attention. I had no idea where Nagy was from or what he had done. Now, I do. While my initial reaction was one of disinterest, I am fine with the hire. Yes, maybe I would have rathered someone who has been a head coach before, but at least Nagy is offensive minded. And yes, he did screw up the 2nd half play calling for the chiefs to blow the playoff game, but at least he owned up to it and wants to do better. With that said, his focus will be on the Bears offense with whoever he hires as the OC. To me, this means that the Bears should do whatever they can to keep Fangio as the DC. He has turned the D around despite injuries every year. His system is in place and adding talent to it is only going to help. Back to Nagy, the guy seems to have a personality, which is important to me. Coaching a football team is not meant for me to guess if the coach is happy or sad. Show some emotion. Nagy should. I am hopeful that Nagy can make the Bears offense a threat…imagine that! Finalize your staff, keep Fangio, and focus on the draft and free agents. The important offseason rolls on and the Bears have a big piece to their puzzle. Let’s hope it all fits together when it is done!
    BEAR DOWN!!!

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