March 1, 2018: The Glennon Experiment

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And…….. Mike Glennon is gone.  I’m not pissed about wasting that 18.5 million… let’s go back.

I remember when they first signed him.  Did we have a QB on the roster?  Cutler was gone, and for that alone, I was happy.  I didn’t care who the heck played QB for us at that point.  It was ABC, anybody but Cutler.  But… couldn’t we have signed Hoyer for cheaper?  He probably would have been better too.  Or, did we have to do this to complete the façade of the Bears not going to draft a QB in the first round???

Well, that certainly helped sell it, and at least, make the decision unknown.  So if that was the case, then why trade up?  Would the 49ers have taken Trubisky?  Really?  If so, then where would Jimmy G have ended up?  Could we have dumped our 2nd round pick for him this year?  I guess we’ll never really know, but we did know one thing.  Once we drafted Trubisky, Glennon’s days were already numbered.

It was just hilarious to me that they named him team captain.  Really?  You knew the dude wasn’t going to be the starter all year.  In fact, you knew he wouldn’t last half the year.  With a tough start to our schedule last year, I predicted it.  I predicted Trubisky making his debut after week 4… and he did.  And that was the end of Glennon.

We knew what we were getting with Mike, so not sure why we paid him so much… but, the good thing is really only his first year was guaranteed.  I think we ended up having to pay him 1 more million to go away this year.  So it was a one year safety net that we really never needed.  From the minute Trubisky played in the preseason, we all wanted to see more.  We were happy that Cutler was gone, and we knew we needed somebody, but… we knew Glennon was a career backup… not an up and coming, potential starting QB… I never believed that story for a minute.

Thankfully, we did have somebody that fit that bill, and that was Mitch.  So why delay the inevitable?  Why keep running out this guy who has no future with us, while we can be getting our future valuable experience.  It only took 4 weeks to figure that out; I think Fox would have done it earlier.

I think it was Pace protecting Trubisky, while wanting to get something for those dollars we threw away on Glennon.  Like I said, I’m not mad.  He’s off the books now.  It’s not like we gave him a long term deal and poured money down the toilet like we did with Cutler.  Now with that money off the books, along with all that other dead weight, the Bears sit with about 80M of cap space, good for 3rd most in the NFL.  And with a new young coaching staff, a promising young QB, and the city of Chicago and its fans, we should start seeing a shift in the wishes of free agents.  How about the Bears becoming a top destination for all these guys?  How about getting a top flight guy to come here, and we don’t have to overpay him?

Theo did it for the Cubs.  Has Pace done it for the Bears?  Winning it all certainly helps, and we’re not there.. yet.  We’ll see how the rest of the offseason shapes up, but so far, it’s been all good.  The draft, free agency, all important pieces to the 2018-2019 Bears puzzle.  Will it add up to playoffs immediately?  Coach Nagy talked us off that lofty expectation, while Jordan Howard guaranteed it.  I’m with Jordan.  Why not?  If we do the rest of the offseason right, with the draft, with the free agents, why can’t the Bears be back, and here to stay?  It’s time.  Bear Down!

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  1. Al

    Raiders need a quality backup hope they sign Glennon. Gruden can turn him into Rich Gannon 👍🏻

  2. MK

    The Glennon heist! He stole from the Bears to the tune of $18.5 million. Not exactly sure what Pace and company were thinking with this signing last year, but I sure am glad that it is over. He is officially off the books and free to sign a backup deal somewhere, anywhere but here. Glennon took enough. Time to used that $80 million and sign guys that will help get the Bears to the playoffs…immediately. No more wasted contracts, please. Put that money to good use, starting with signing a top notch wire receiver and continuing down the roster to plug holes. I’m with JHoward, too…playoffs or bust. I like the confidence. Is it a lofty prediction, sure, but not one that cannot come true. The Bears are making good moves so far. Don’t stop now Pace. Keep that bus in tip-top shape. BEAR DOWN!!!

  3. Mo

    Pace is not Theo, if he was, he would get rid of most of the front office. I’m not a believer yet, a potential trade of Howard is a really dumb move. Your offensive scheme is not the same as the Saints. Mitch is a 2nd year QB who will heavily rely on the 1-2 punch of the backfield.

    If you trade Howard for Landry, it will only push Pace to the unemployment office a bit faster.

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