March 2, 2018: Interim Coach

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The result of all the drama last week was a 1 game suspension for our coach.  He served that this Friday, as I slid into the interim coach role for a night.  Just kidding… but our head coach couldn’t make it, so I held the reigns for Friday night’s matchup.

It was important to get back on the winning track after enduring 3 straight losses.  Sitting in 2nd place in the standings, winning out should result in a championship rematch against that undefeated squad.  Not sure how they’re going to do the playoffs, but imagine at least we’ll get a chance to win a game to get to the title game?  First thing’s first, getting some more Ws.

My son was recovering from being sick earlier in the week; thankfully he was ready to go on Friday.  We had the minimum 6 kids, so no worrying about substitutions, which is always nice.  I did have to deal with the “can I play center” from everyone…  No biggie.

We got on the board early to grab a 1-0 lead.  My son was in goalie to start the game, and he didn’t even see one shot on goal.  We dominated the action, yet only held a 1 goal lead to show for it.  The 2nd period featured a kid playing goalie for the first time for us.  Of course, he would get the most excitement all night.

And his first save was a beautiful save, jumping on the puck as it slid in front of the net.  They put a little pressure on us that period, but after 2, the score remained 1-0.  I wasn’t really sweating it, but that one goal lead is never safe.

As the 3rd period began, I put one of the kids wanting to be center in there, knowing that my son still wanted to play center too.  I would rotate in the 3rd period, hopefully after a goal.  And it worked out nicely… a second goal coming at the start of the 3rd period from the coach’s son gave us the 2-0 lead, and prompted me to make some more changes.  My son played center for the first time.

Of course he was going to get to play center with me as the head coach for a game… haha.  I mean, I wouldn’t do it if he was bad… Yes, there are the 6 year olds on our team that our bigger, stronger, and faster, but he’s been playing really well.  In fact, he’s been playing better and better each week.   He definitely deserved a chance at this.  I told him… you can’t stop running as center.  It’s non-stop from goal to goal.  For his first time at center, I’d grade him a B.  He’ll be a regular at this position come next year…

We ended up winning by that same score of 2-0, and my record as interim coach is undefeated…haha.  I don’t mind being assistant coach, but I would much rather be head coach.  I got my feet wet in hockey as an assistant, but will definitely try to be the head coach come next year, even if it’s a different team.  Nothing against our head coach, he’s cool and been great to work with.  It’s just that I want 100% control… does that sound bad?  Haha… As my son turns 6 next month, it will be his last year in this division across all 3 sports.  And seeing how he’s gotten better in each sport across the board, should be one of the focal points of each of those teams; it would happen whether I’m head coach or not, but still… As long as my son is OK with it, I want to ride this head coaching thing as long as I can… Saturday game up next.

  1. MK

    HAHAHA…imagine if the head coach really was suspended for that after game drama last week…that would be pretty crazy! So you get total control for the Friday nighter and get the W. Way to get the team back on the winning track! Sounds like center is the position to be since they can run on both sides, offense and defense. I’m sure it is pretty tiring for the young kids, too. Glad to hear my nephew did well…waiting for that 2nd goal! Nothing wrong with wanting full control and being head coach. You are in charge then and can make all decisions, good and bad. Maybe next year. Up next, a Saturday morning game to get a winning streak going. GO SHARKS!!!

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