March 4, 2018: Glutton for Punishment

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I always said I was a glutton for punishment when it came to my teams… this year’s Blackhawks is a weird case though…

I tune into as many games as I can over the year; this pretty much goes for each one of my teams.  With the Bears only playing 16 games, obviously those are at a premium.  With the 326 games that the Bulls, Blackhawks, and Cubs play, I try to do the best I can.  Sometimes I may slack and not watch a couple games in a row; that’s pretty rare.  Most of the time it would be only tuning in for a portion of a game vs the entire game.  On the flip side, there are times when I try to catch every minute, even though that is pretty much impossible.  These Blackhawks have been of the last variety for most of the last couple months.

Why?  It’s obvious that they’re done.  The playoffs will be missed for the first time in a decade.  Yet, I’ve been trying hard to watch every game.  I caught the Sharks game this week.  Wow, talk about ugly.  Yeah, I made it to about 5 minutes left until I fell asleep; missed that last Blackhawks goal dammit!  So they only lost by 5 goals…  I was following the Kings game until the 3rd period, and of course I miss the comeback.  Then the Ducks game… I wasn’t even sure when that game was.  So yeah, I sort of fell off at the end of this weekend, but before that, I had been on a pretty good run.

Maybe it’s because who knows what will happen with this team going forward.  And it’s not just any team you know… It’s the team that brought us 3 championships!!!  How many Chicago teams can we say that about in our lifetimes?  So yeah, they have a place in my heart forever for that.  It’s almost like, I don’t want the window to close… I’m trying to hang on to every game they play before it’s over.  Sometimes I feel like I’m almost a reverse bandwagoner.  As the team starts to not play as well, that’s when I will tune in even more… like, I get to enjoy my team without all the extra folks, who by now are not watching as closely.  In fact, now, I can even get tickets at a decent price to go see them play.  So as people flock away from them, I flock towards them.  Yeah, I need to get to one more game this year…

I guess now, it takes this losing, for me to truly appreciate what we’ve had with these guys.  Maybe it’s kind of like you don’t know what you got until it’s gone…   Well, it’s almost gone, but I definitely know what we had.  And who knows, the Blackhawks could be back in the right mix next year, with some of the familiar core still around.  So.. maybe that window will remain cracked open for one last run.  I’d like to think so.

Until then, I’ll continue to tune in, and appreciate the greatness of this team, even though they haven’t been so great this year.  Go Hawks!

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  1. Peter

    Long live my Hawks win or lose loyal till the day the good lord calls my name.The good lord is a loyal Hawks fan himself.

  2. MK

    Definitely try to catch as many games as I can, even when they are losing or not having a good year. It is hard to watch entire games during the regular season sometimes, but catching a quarter, period, or few innings is usually a for sure thing. With this year’s Bhawks, it is disappointing to see and come to the reality that they will not be making the playoffs. It is frustrating not knowing exactly what the problem is, but I am sure some shakeups are to come. What is worse, making the playoffs and getting swept or not making them at all? Back to back years here. But yes, we have to enjoy and reflect back on the 3 Cups…what a run it has been! Maybe it is not over officially, but more and more, it sure does seem like it. The core is in tact but getting older, and maybe losing some skill and/or speed. No need for a rebuild, just shake things up. In my opinion, goodbye and thanks Q! We shall see soon enough. Enjoy the last few regular season games before missing out on playoff hockey, one of the best, if not the best, times of year. GO HAWKS!!!

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