March 5, 2018: Tanking Ain’t Easy

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From one UC team to the other… both won’t make the playoffs this year.  I just got done talking about how I have still been trying hard to watch each and every Blackhawks game; for the Bulls, not so much.

It’s a totally different situation.  This team has won nothing.  In fact, it’s a totally different team.  With Butler being traded away for the “new core” of Markkanen, Lavine, and Dunn, it was a total reset.  I like the new core, don’t get me wrong.  And after further review, we didn’t get totally fleeced on the deal.  But…  not one of those players is Jimmy Butler, period.  There are good signs, but there is no proof that any of them will be as good as he is.  If we kept Butler and drafted wisely with our 1st round pick, who’s to say we wouldn’t be better off… .well, forget that at this point.

GarPax wanted to rid themselves of anybody from the Thibs era, and give Hoiberg a brand new set of young guns.  Again, early returns this year were very positive for Markkanen and Dunn.  And since Lavine has been back, he has definitely shown flashes.  But, the tank is in full effect, and because of that, I can’t stay interested in this team at this point.

I understand that this type of stuff happens all the time; heck, look at the recent Cubs teams prior to 2015.  The one thing I remember about those teams is that they played hard; they tried to win, and actually, they started to.  Well, that’s when Theo stepped in and traded away 40% of the starting rotation to ensure another high draft pick.  Yet, the players on the field gave it their all; the talent just wasn’t there.  Have the Bears been in tank mode lately, because it sure feels like it.  Yet, I think that’s another case of lack of talent… and poor coaching.  Maybe some of that towards the end of last year was purposely to ensure a top 10 pick, but it wasn’t totally obvious.

This Bulls team seemingly has enough talent to compete on a night in and night out basis right now.  Do they have enough talent to make the playoffs?  If Lavine was healthy since day 1, I would say yes.  Don’t think so?  Well, it’s too late for that anyways, and the thought is because we won’t make the playoffs, just lose every damn game.

And we have, just about.  Yes, we couldn’t beat the Mavs when they only had 4 guys on the floor, but we did win that game, putting the Mavs in better draft position because of it.  I guess one of the things that bothers me is Robin Lopez.  The guy is a DNP coach’s decision every game…  Here was a guy who played every game.  He was as consistent (not great) as they come.  You could count on him in the middle.  He provided some veteran leadership.  And now, he’s been asked to wear street clothes the remainder of the year.  I wonder how he really feels about that.

Then we keep switching different starters in there; I guess to see who will stay and who will so, but Payne?  Come on man.  He’s got D league lifer written all over him.  And Felicio?  That was a mistake.

I just feel like if the Bulls really tried, they’d win more games.  And the fact that they aren’t trying, is a bad look.  Nobody will admit it, and we all know the goal here, but it still rubs me the wrong way.  I want to see guys out there giving their 100% effort all the time.  That’s how you start to build a team and culture.  That’s how you get the fans to support you.

Maybe I should just quit my damn whining and wait until next year.  Certainly with 2 first round picks added to this team, we could be competitive right?  I sure hope so, because this flat out sucks right now.  Tanking ain’t easy.


  1. MK

    Tanking aint easy when you keep winning games! The Bulls must not have the concept down completely. Games against teams with worse records than you need to be lost, yet the Bulls keep winning them. I guess these other teams know what they’re doing. Benching rolo and others in an attempt to tank but then winning despite that looks even worse. If tanking is the objective, do it all the way and dont win another game. If not, play hard and play to win. Wherever the Bulls first rounder ends up is where it will be. If they want a higher one, trade for it then. Tanking is tough on fans. I want to see the Bulls win games, not try to lose them. This does suck. Tanking aint easy and better not become second nature for the Bulls!

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