March 7, 2018: Taking a Peek

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Hey, I had to.  The Cubs spring training game vs the Indians was on primetime Wednesday night.  With my other option being the tank fest between the Bulls and Grizzlies, it was an easy call.

I didn’t sit on it… I watched Quintana pitch a half inning.  It’s absurd that he’s our 4th starter.  The guy is a 2 on most teams, maybe even a 1 on some.  That just shows the Cubs starting pitching depth, and quality of that depth.  Imagine when Jake signs back with us for that 1 year deal… just wait, it may happen… even midseason… you never know.

Then to the bottom of the inning…  Happ took a quality AB and took his free base, then proceeded to steal a base.  Are we going to see the Cubs running more this year?  I don’t think it’s necessary, but I do think it’s valuable to have in our arsenal, especially when we’re struggling at the plate.  Manufacturing those runs in April and May when we need to, will come in mighty handy when those cold autumn winds of October roll around.  Yeah, we’ll still be playing…

Then it was the Schwarbino, or Schwarbs, or Schwarby… whatever you call him.  Does he need a new nickname based on his weight loss and different appearance?  I have to think about that.  But he does look good.  He hit a ground ball up the middle that the 2nd baseman fielded.  He was going to beat it out when the 2nd baseman air mailed it over the 1st baseman’s head.  He stood at first, while Happ motored around for a run.  Then, Schwarbs went ahead and stole 2nd base too!  I likey.

I turned it off then.  I had seen enough.  I don’t need to see any more to get me excited about this season.  As I started cheering during these 15 minutes, my wife just looked at me… relax, the season hasn’t even started yet.  She is so right.

We have to save ourselves as much as we can; we should know the drill by now.  It’s tough enough riding this roller coaster through 162, getting pissed off every time they lose… then when you add in white, knuckle postseason play… it’s hard on the heart.  There is no reason I need to watch any of the Spring Training games.  I know the games don’t count, but the reflex just kicks in.  It’s the Cubs… I can’t help it.

Yeah, I’m thinking it’s going to be another long year.  4th straight NLCS?  Add to the most playoff wins in the majors over the past 3 years?  Another World Series appearance?  Another WS Title?  I could see it all, and I can’t wait for the season to begin.

In the meantime, let me watch the Bulls tank away the season, and the Blackhawks struggle for the first time in a decade.  It’ll get me through… I’ll be OK.  There’s only how many days until the season starts?  Yeah, that many… Go Cubs!

  1. MK

    Oh yes, Cubs spring training baseball is in full effect. I have not really been following at all aside from hearing how great Ian Happ has been in the leadoff spot…works for me. The Cubs will probably not be a big base stealing team, but showing the ability to do so will prove very beneficial for those times when scoring runs gets scarce. Being able to steal a base, take an extra base, and/or move runners along is so important, especially come playoff time when runs need to be generated at times. 162 games to come plus the playoffs, assuming the Cubs get there for a 4th straight year. I can’t wait. The Cubs will be great again. Even year World Series titles works for me! GO CUBS GO!!!

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