March 8, 2018: Lone Rose

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The ongoing real live 30 for 30 special continued when Derrick Rose signed with the Timberwolves.  The former college star, rookie of the year, MVP…our city’s heart… has fallen so far.  Now, he gets another chance with some familiar faces.

I knew he’d end up there.  Who else would take a chance on this fallen hero then the guy whose own career was  pretty much derailed because of him?  Thibs is loyal, we know that.  He backed Derrick through it all, even though it was his injuries that prevented Thibs from a title, and kept the Bulls from number 7.  Now he throws him one final life preserver, as every other NBA team was content without him.  I’ll always love Thibs.

Reunited with the other Bulls Jimmy and Taj, makes the Timberwolves one of the teams outside of Chicago that I root for.  But I thought Jimmy and Derrick couldn’t get along?  Yeah, well, when you have a guy like Thibs overseeing it all, you put that crap to the side.  You don’t let it fester, and grow a life of its own.  It’s about Ws, period.

Hopefully Buckets can get back in time, because without him it ain’t happening.  Even with him, the odds are against them.  It would be nice to see though.   It’s not like Rose will help improve these chances.

His career is seemingly over; it has passed him by.  Once on top of the world, injuries destroyed him both physically, and more important, mentally.  He’s a shell of himself, with only flashes of past brilliance.  There are more flashes of troubled behavior nowadays.   As a Knick and Cav, he spent a good amount away from the team, dealing with issues.  No team wants to deal with that, not with a guy whose best days are behind him.

Yet, here we go again.  Thibs and Rose together; this time around it’s much different.  Then it was the MVP leading the new coach and team to the postseason.  Now it will be one of the most respected coaches in the league helping an old friend out, hoping for more good moments than bad.  A team that is among the top teams in the league hoping for any contribution from the former MVP.

It would be awesome if this 30 for 30 were to end with a T-wolves title with Rose on the team.  Most likely it will end a different way for the lone Rose.  If the Wolves don’t win it this year, there’s a good chance Rose is not back next year.  This is most likely his last hurrah…or maybe he proves something.  Maybe he proves he can still play, and maybe he settles into a backup point guard role on this team for another couple years.  That’s about the best he can hope for now.

Long gone are the days hoping for that max contract, not like he needs any more money.   No, him and PJ and Reggie have all the money they need, hopefully.  Now it’s about trying to continue to play the game that he once loved; to try to rekindle that flame which in turn may show us a few more of those old flashes.

Good luck Derrick.  I’ve both loved and hated you.  Now that you’re not on the Cavs, now that you’re back with the boys, I can comfortably root for you.  No, not with that same passion, but with well wishes…hoping that maybe this 30 for 30 could still have a happy ending.

  1. MK

    Let’s just start calling the Minnesota tpups the Bulls of the north. Thibs, Taj, Buckets, and now drose…Noah next? Thibs is certainly being loyal to his former Bulls soldiers. I would not call drose one, though, as he is more of vet who has never fully recovered and never will. Yet here he is with another shot. Thibs will work him in and see what he can do. I am not expecting much nor do I really care. The guy’s career is over as far as I’m concerned. I wish Thibs and his tpups well and would definitely like to see them win it all…soon. Imagine a tpups vs Bulls finals in a few years…hahaha. GO BULLS!!!

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