November 24, 2017: Worst vs Best

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Catch up time again…  I believe this is the furthest behind I’ve ever fallen.  I do want to go back and talk about a few things that have been going on.  Let’s start with Friday’s Bulls Warriors game.

This truly was the worst vs best matchup.  I saw the news leading up to the game that Durant and Draymond would be sitting out.  Silly me thought that this may give us a chance.  We were in the game… at the end of the first quarter.  It was all down hill from there.  It started with a Curry explosion where he outscored the Bulls single handedly in the 2nd quarter.  It didn’t get any better from there.

It was a 49 point loss.  It was the Bulls 3rd worst loss in franchise history.  It was the largest loss since 2003.  It was embarrassing.  It was to be expected.

We knew this year would be ugly, and it has lived up to expectations thus far.  It feels like the Warriors were once in the same position as the Bulls; it was only a handful of years ago that the Bulls were at the top of their conference.  How did we get here?

We know about the Bulls demise; I don’t want to walk through all those details.  What about the Warriors?  Can other NBA teams, like the Bulls, use their blueprint for success?  They drafted well.  They hired the right coach.  They got players wanting to come play with them.  Looks like the Bulls are 0 for 3.

Lauri may pan out; that’s one promising thing this year.  That, and the possibility of the Bulls getting the number one pick this year.  I’ve seen many Bulls bloggers talking about the top prospects coming out next year.  So IF Lauri pans out, and IF the Bulls make the right pick in next year’s draft, that COULD check one box.  Yeah, there’s the other two boxes though…

Guessing Hoiberg is just coaching his contract out; I wouldn’t be surprised if he left before it was over.  He won’t be here when the Bulls are good again.  We still need to hire the right coach; we had the right coach… don’t get me started.  Then there’s the whole idea of players actually wanting to come to the Bulls.  With the crapshow that is GarPax, nobody wants to come here… although, at the end of the day, money talks… I’m sure arms could be twisted.

The other thing of note coming out of Friday’s game was the whole Jordan Bell thing.  He came out rubbing his fingers together… reminding us what the Bulls traded him for.  For a team like the Bulls doing the total rebuild thing, any young players are welcome.  It makes no sense that we moved him, especially getting a glimpse of him play… although that was against us…

I remember when heading out to play Golden State was an exciting game.  We got to see Curry, Thompson, and our cash considerations… I don’t call that excitement.  I want to see our team play well.  I won’t hold my breath.

  1. MK

    What a disaster! The Bulls got clobbered by 49 points with the warriors missing 2 of their big guns. Wow! The talent levels are really that much different huh? Pretty sad when you actually think about it. The Bulls really are that far away from contending. How many years does that equal? Yes, Markk seems to be an early hit. Yes, the Bulls seem to be on their way to another top pick. At what point do things actually start to turn around? Is this rock bottom? The entire Bulls franchise needs a makeover. When will that happen? Sounds like a lot of questions and little answers. One thing is for sure, the Bulls suck. These are low times for a once proud franchise and light years away from the 90s. Oh, things were so much better than…going to reflect on that to wipe away this disgust. GO BULLS!!!

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