November 25, 2017: Another Best

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With the Bulls facing the best in the NBA on Friday night, it was the Blackhawks facing the NHL’s best on Saturday.  I would not have guessed that it would be the Tampa Bay Lightning.  It was a very good game.

I was able to watch a lot of it… very entertaining.  It ended up being a very entertaining OT loss, which at least gave the Hawks 1 point for a tough road game.  After that game, it was the Hawks, who joined the Bulls and the Bears, in last place in their division.

Wow… I saw that, and couldn’t believe it.  I understand the Bulls; I’m a little disappointed about the Bears, but the Blackhawks?  So I took a closer look at the standings, and see that everybody is bunched up… so it’s nothing to panic about at this point.  Still, just the sound of that…

They are the one team that will change this, and will end up in the postseason.  I think that’s still safe to say.  They have too much talent not to be in that second season conversation.  I’m really not worried…

How much do you think this team is missing Hossa?  Yes, he was past his prime, but he still had prime moments.  You just don’t take a HOFer off your team and NOT miss him…  That being said, I do like the way the Hawks lines are coming together.

It would be nice to substitute Hossa for Sharpie.  I was happy to see him come back, but he has to be the weakest link (or Hartman?) on the top 3 lines.  Our 4th line has been good.  Getting to know Bouma and Wingels, while I liked that kid Hayden since his stint with the team last year.  I said it before, maybe this team of old and young did not have enough time to gel last year; that was the reason for our early exit.  Not that the Hawks were too old, or our window had closed.  It was a timing thing…

It’s hard to continue to rotate pieces into your team and expect everybody to play together at a championship level.  I like the makeup of this Hawks team in general.  I think we’ve seen flashes of brilliance… we’ve also seen some struggles.  This still looks like a team that has not completely gelled yet.  We do have more different pieces this year again.  I do think this team will improve as the season goes on.

For now, keep our heads above water.  Stay in the mix.  Then make our move.  We will have to play consistent high level hockey well BEFORE the playoffs if we want to secure our postseason position.  They simply haven’t hit their stride yet… kind of like our Chicago winter.  We know it’s coming… that is a certainty.  From recent history, we know the Hawks will be coming too.  Ready to see it.  Go Hawks!

  1. MK

    A tough road loss that ends with a point is ok with me. Yes, winning and getting 2 points is the goal, but when you play a top team on the road and get 1 point, that works. Not really looking at the standings at this point. So many teams bunched up. The Hawks are still above .500 and are not playing their best hockey yet, or at least I don’t think they are. If so, then maybe the playoffs will be tough to make, but I think the Hawks will be there when all is said and done. There is just too much talent not to be. Hope Q can make this team gel better than last year’s. The offensive slumps are worrisome but should get better once guys gel together. The PK has been great…top 5 in the league. This Hawks start kind of reminds me of the 2017 Cubs. Their first half is like treading water before they finally made a move. I am hoping for the same from the Hawks. Bring on the winter and some good hockey! GO HAWKS!!!

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