November 27, 2017: Fantasy Bloodbath

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It started on Thanksgiving day & night… it ended with the Sunday Night Football game… I got absolutely destroyed in my fantasy matchup.  It was truly a fantasy bloodbath.

Believe it or not, I was winning before Sunday Night’s game.  That is of course because he still had Big Ben and Antonio Brown.  Now I thought 96.3 combined points from that duo last week was a lot.  How about 102.5 combined points this week?  Yeah, that erased by 5 point lead in a hurry.  I did still have the Pittsburgh kicker…. haha.

235.60 to 148.10 was the final damage.  I couldn’t have even came close to that point total if you counted all the players on my bench.  However, with that point total, I would have beat 6 other teams in my league.  This week’s abuse brought my league high points against total to 1859; that’s more than 100 points scored against than any other team in the league.  Is it just bad luck?  I have the 2nd most points scored in my league, so I would say yes.

And those points scored give me a slim chance of making the playoffs.  I need to win my matchup, while have the two teams ahead of me lose.  I would then sneak into the playoffs at 6-7 with a higher point total than the other 4 potential teams that would finish at 6-7.  It’s been a crazy year.

Matt Ryan against Minnesota is where it all starts.  Going against Tom Brady at that position by the way.  It’s in Buffalo, so maybe, just maybe he doesn’t go off.  I’m projected (again) to win this week’s matchup.  Ask me again why I don’t buy into those projections any more…  The one team I need to lose is projected to win by 16 points; maybe I’ll get one of those break my way this week.  The other team I need to lose is projected to lose by 10 points.  It will be scoreboard watching Sunday.

We’ll either extend this silly watching of the phone all day on Sundays, or we’ll buy myself a bit of time back to invest in some other useless hobby.  It sucks to score the 2nd most points in the league, and need all kinds of help to get in the playoffs on the last week of the season.  I’m breaking out the world’s smallest violin for myself as we speak.

It’s never really broke my way in fantasy football.  I’ve had my success in basketball, and in baseball almost every year, but football… I just can’t seem to win it.  This was the year I was hoping I would win my first title in this league at least.  It would be my first title since we kept track of this stuff on paper, grabbing stats from the Sun Times for official point totals.  Heck, I don’t even remember if I won then; I’d have to ask my buddy, he’d know.

Here’s to potentially my final fantasy week.  If I’m not going to make the playoffs, don’t make it easy… don’t blow my team out.  Let me win… heck, even let the two teams that I need to lose, lose, but… have them score enough points to overtake me in point total by like 0.5… yeah, that’s how I want to go out.  Screw this crap…

  1. MK

    Bear Down was on the other end of the 96+ point Pit duo last week…hard to believe they got better than that vs you. I held on for a must win game to stay in the playoff hunt…was up by 15 going into Monday night and had to dodge lamar miller. He started the game with a td, and I thought there goes the 15 point lead, but somehow I managed to hang on and get the W. So I need you to lose and 2 other teams to lose for Bear Down to get in. A long shot for sure. Fantasy football may be coming to another early end. Sounds all too familiar. Oh well, Bear Down for 1 more week!

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