November 28, 2017: Ex Checking

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You ever wonder what happened to your ex?  There have been some ex-Chicago sports figures in the news lately… let’s do some ex-checking.

Let’s start with Derrick Rose.  Word is that he is contemplating retiring after another injury at the start of his Cavaliers career.  I will say that it is a sad story, but… I’m not going to talk a teary walk down memory lane.  I see stuff praising this guy left and right; pump the brakes folks.  Let’s not forget OK…

I loved Derrick Rose just as much as the next guy.  I was there in person for a lot of those highlight dunks.  I bought my son his jersey.  I rode with him through it all.  But at the end of the day, it was not returned.  Yes, injuries are to blame for a lot of it, and that’s why I’ll say it’s a sad story, but… maybe he just wasn’t cut from that type of cloth… the type of guy that can rebound from it… the type of guy that is mentally tough… who has his heart pumping out of his chest… laying it all on the line for his team.  Sorry, at the end of the day, I didn’t see it.  I wanted to believe it was there… it just wasn’t.  Done deal.

And now Stacey King is talking about him being the 2nd best player on the Bulls ever.  I love you Stacey, but stop drinking your own hot sauce.  To put him ahead of Pippen is hilarious.  To put him ahead of other Bulls legends who most of this new generation has never seen play like Bob Love, Jerry Sloan, Norm Van Lier, Artis Gilmore… I could go on.  He did bring joy, and maybe he makes it on the all-time Bulls team… or maybe he’s 2nd string on that team… or maybe he’s just sitting on the sidelines in street clothes… or maybe he’s on the team, but he’s watching it from home… Either way, I’ll watch the 30 for 30 when it comes out, but I’m not preaching my love for DRose any more.  I do wish the best for him… just definitely not a title if/when he returns to the Cavs… any team but them…

Then there was Marc Trestman who popped his head out of Canada.  I didn’t write a Hate File on this dude???  What he did with the Bears was a joke.  In his defense, he was dealing with the coach killer… he was a wrecking ball.  But his “we practiced great, so I don’t know what happened on the field BS” was maddening.  Yet, the guy is the Bill Walsh of Canada.  He raked in his 2nd Grey Cup.  What gives?

I’ve never watched the CFL.  I know the field is longer and wider…  Is there any 1 CFL team that could beat an NFL team?  Is there any college football team that could beat a CFL team?  I’m just trying to get an idea of the talent level.  I know they’re not as good as the NFL, and not as bad as NCAAF, but… could the Grey Cup winners from Canada beat the Cleveland Browns?  Could Clemson beat them?  Either way, it’s a mystery why he has been so successful north of the border, and so bad here.  I guess you could compare it to college coaches trying their hand at the NFL, failing, and then returning to college to be kings a la Nick Saban.  Still, would have liked to see Trestman lose that game; maybe Fox can coach a CFL team next???

OK, enough checking on exes.  They’re gone, and I’m happy they’re gone.  They’ve moved on, we’ve moved on.  We have enough to talk about in our current situation.  Next…

  1. MK

    Drose contemplating walking away. Sure, why not? I think he’s made enough millions doing absolutely nothing. The hometown kid had potential and got injured…multiple times. Bad luck? Sure, but still. Not sure what stacey is smoking, but there is no way drose would be #2 on the Bulls list. What exactly did he do? Uh, yeah, no titles. Give me any Bull off of the 6 title teams ahead of him…thanks! Beat it for good drose…tired of hearing about you.
    Trestman winning in the cfl…hahaha. What a joke of a coach he was for the Bears! Maybe those Canadians didn’t hear about it and actually enjoy playing for the guy. Another grey cup win for him. That cfl game was pretty entertaining as I watched the last quarter. Playing in the snow, a bigger field both ways, and a down less to get the first…pretty cool. Not sure how these guys would translate in the nfl, though.

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