October 8, 2017: Ice Men

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No Cubs playoff game.  No Bears game.  On a Sunday with only other NFL action to talk about, I choose to talk about the Blackhawks.  Hopefully I won’t be talking much about them…yet…that would mean the Cubs are out, and Mitch flopped.  But have you seen what they’ve done so far?  Let’s get that good mojo going heading into a huge sports Monday.

10-1?  Was hoping that would be the Cubs score, but that was how the Blackhawks started off their season slapping the “other” good team this decade.  One of the great things about this, was all the goals scored in the first period; my son got to see all of them before bed time.  Kane with a beautiful assist on his way to a 5 point night.  Saad with the first of 3 goals.  Can it be like this all the time?

Well, the Hawks followed that trouncing up with a 5-1 defeat of the Blue Jackets.  I didn’t even realize the game was going on.  Like I said, I’m not zoned in yet on the Hawks.  By the way, they do play on Monday night too; act accordingly.

With a 15-2 goal differential, the Hawks are off to quite the start.  I’m very happy about this.  I was hoping this is how they came out.  That sweep at the hands of Nashville stung us all; it seems like the Hawks didn’t forget either.

All that talk about the end of an era, the slow Blackhawks, and on and on.  I believe all that was a bit premature.  In fact, it may have turned out we were just a year off.

I really liked our chances heading into last year’s postseason.  Playing one of our whipping boys, I was feeling ultra confident.  It didn’t work out as planned.  That combination of old and young guys that worked so well all year, didn’t come together like we thought it would in the second season.  Maybe they just needed a bit more time.

Making up for all that lack of goal scoring, the Hawks have been lighting it up; keep it up boys.  The concern again with this team is the defense.  2 goals in 2 games is pretty good, plus if we’re scoring 7.5 goals per game, I don’t think it will matter much.

Yes, it’s a small sample size, but I like where this is headed.  I want them to stay hungry.  I want them to bring their A game every game.  I want them to keep a laser focus through all 82.  Asking too much?  We’ve got enough depth up front to rotate guys getting hot.  Take turns getting the hot hand, and keep this up.  One other thing; I’m just so happy to have Saad back.

Yeah, they’ll take a back seat for a bit longer, but I haven’t totally forgotten about them.  With the way the first two games have went, they seem to be demanding our attention…now!  Keep it up boys.  Go Blackhawks!

  1. MK

    15-2 goal differential after 2 games…what a start! The Blackhawks have come out strong and look to get revenge for their 1st round playoff sweep. Saad looks like he never left. The man child is just a man now. Welcome back and keep it up! Havent followed the Hawks completely yet, but I will be checking in until the focus shifts from the Cubs. Keep up the good hockey Hawks! GO HAWKS!!!

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