September 29, 2017: Mouthpiece

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Back to the Bears Packers game for a minute…now that I’ve finished by Glennon rant; I did have some other thoughts.  Plus, I better get all the non-Cubs posts in that I can before next week.

I’d love to do the research on this, but seemingly under Fangio, the defense always gives up some quick points.  They also give up something on that first drive.  They usually play decent after that, but it feels like we’re always starting in a hole, especially if we kick off to start the game; which by the way, is what I would do most of the time if I were to win the toss.  I’d call Heads too if you’re wondering.  This game was the same.  Pack went right down the field on us.  They may have settled in after that, but the deck was really stacked against them.

It started with the first play from scrimmage.  I was OK with the play call.  After coming off a huge running performance, and knowing that you would need another similar effort to win this game, to come out trying the element of surprise, I was fine with.  Glennon had enough time too.  He just sucks, and like that, the Packers had the ball inside the 5.  Boom, and like that, it was 14-0.

Of course the turnovers killed us, again.  Good, heck great teams can’t overcome 4 turnovers.  The Bears certainly cannot overcome that.  And that’s what we’ve had in 2 of the 3 losses.  These plays put the defense in a really tough spot, not only with field position but the trashed mental state they have due to these game changers.  This impacts everybody; they’re just such huge downers.  And when you can’t produce any turnovers of your own, which is one area where the defense is still not there, it makes for a long afternoon or evening.

I fell asleep; it must have been right before the big hit.  I had some texts admiring the hit.  Then I saw it.  First off, glad the kid is OK.  Secondly, yeah, it was dirty…not that dirty, but it deserves some sort of suspension I think; maybe 1-2 games.  Definitely like the fact that we’re not stopping until the whistle, but you have to try to avoid that spearing type of hit; can’t be easy with the pace of the game and all the twists and turns the ball carrier may make. But it couldn’t have happened against a better team, from the Bears perspective.

I hope nobody forgot the countless dirty plays, much dirtier than this hit, that the Packers did against us; look it up.   I don’t have to look this up; there may be more.  But Mark Lee, Ken Stills, and of course, Charles Martin come to mind.  Trying to put the greatest player of all time through a table, launching yourself like a missile into a player standing still after the whistle, and throwing the QB to the turf on his throwing shoulder 5 seconds after he threw the ball…yeah, sorry if I don’t really give a shit about the Packers fans whining about that hit.  Like I said, glad he’s ok…and completely understand the suspension when its announced.  Safety should be priority number one.

But did you see that mouthpiece fly into the air?  Yeah, pretty sad when that’s one of the game highlights for us.  Glad Jordan Howard got a garbage TD; I had him and Cohen starting this week in fantasy.  It didn’t turn out too bad from that perspective.  But the game was garbage, and don’t think I have forgotten the main reason why.

Hoping to write about Trubisky’s first game soon.  Bear Down!

  1. MK

    Man was that a brutal hit. Not sure if he meant to do it or not, but it looked bad. But you know what, it felt damn good watching it. Yes, do not wish pain or injury on anyone, so I am glad that the guy will be ok. Maybe that is why it still feels good watching the replay. Even when it happened, though, I was celebrating the hit. Football is a violent game. The league can crack down as much as they want, but at the end of the day, grown ass men are running around trying to knock each other out. The hit will result in a suspension. But who really cares. Send that message for game 2 and be ready for retaliation. Discount double check man trying to get into it…maybe he can be next. A big hit on a hated rival…gotta love it. As for the game, not so much.
    BEAR DOWN!!!

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