February 12, 2018: Spin Trust

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And soon after the Yu Darvish deal was complete, the news we were waiting for came.  That news was that Theo talked to Jake last minute, with a similar offer on the table for him, which he turned down.  This … Continued

February 10, 2018: Hello Means Goodbye

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So someone finally fired up the stove… With the Cubs signing Yu Darvish for 6 years & 126 million dollars (up to 150M with incentives), the rest of the free agent landscape should take shape.  With that means, Jake Arrieta … Continued

January 11, 2018: Any Day Now

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It’s hard to be patient…  waiting for something we want to happen… hoping it does happen… any day now… Nagy has come in and is not messing around.  He’s starting to fill in his staff left and right, with some … Continued

December 30, 2017: Losing Wade

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Mr. perfect is gone.  Yes, I know Curt Henning has been gone for a while, but I’m talking about Wade Davis.  He signed with the Colorado Rockies.  It’s official. He will make more per year than any other reliever in the … Continued